Recharging myself with good energies in the sea!

One of the things that I like the most and that I enjoy is being able to go to the beach, the mixture of feelings that we can experience there is incredible.

This weekend I decided to do something that would recharge me with good and new energies and the fact is that the last few days have been quite busy because a month ago my children had school again and I started a new job, so on weekends for now they will be to get up later than normal, review tasks and get everything ready for a new week.

In addition to the hectic of the days, there is the heat that in recent times suffocates us is not normal, sometimes it causes being on the beach with little clothing and cooling off.

Another thing for which I do not hesitate to do something different is that I have a concern about a situation that is not mine, but it still afflicts me because I do not like to see those I love in a bad way and despite the fact that I offered my help in what I was in my hands, unfortunately it is not up to me that things change. So going to clear my mind and forget a little about the things that happen is not bad.

So since I have two children who depend on me and I need to be well for them, we got ready to go to the beach, because if there is something that is certain in this life, it is that it is short and tomorrow is uncertain. As soon as you arrive at the beach, seeing the palm trees feeling the sound of the sea and the waves is something that really lifts anyone's spirits.

I don't need many things to be on the beach and for me it's nice to be able to see my children play with other children, I can't imagine my going to the beach without friends because that reminds me of the times I used to go to the beach with my cousins is something that fills me, being able to run in the sand, play with it and bathe as many times as you want, it's simply wonderful.

This time the water was in its blue tones and very calm, generating in me that effect of peace that I need right now, the occasion was truly special.

Another thing that made me happy that afternoon was that I was able to capture the moment when a crab came out of its house in the sand, they usually walk very fast, but this time I was able to get closer without it running away from the place, every time I go to I see a lot of them everywhere on the beach, but I could never get close to any of them, because they walk with a speed that really impresses me.

I was also able to photograph a beautiful bird that was in the sand eating a piece of cookie.

I was walking for a while along the white sand of my beloved beach, although in parts it was full of algae, but understanding that this is part of the natural process of cleaning the sea, I also walked for a while along the corridor, to be able to photograph from afar and admire the landscape, trying to appreciate everything wonderful that mother nature gives us and that is very close to me, something that I admire and value very much, I know that many would like to be on this wonderful island of Margarita and I have the privilege of living here.

Seeing the change of colors in the sky as the afternoon falls, is something that tells us that everything has an end and that good or bad everything happens sooner or later.

Immediately the sun began to hide and that made our day end, but nothing sad because I am sure that there will be many more days like this in which I can recharge with enough energy to start a week with the best vibes

Friends, really being able to go to the beach brings many health benefits, especially it helps us relax and forget for a moment that difficulties exist, with just the breeze, the sound of the sea, being able to walk on the sand, like this like appreciating the birds flying in that blue sky, it is completely a luxury and the best thing is free. Sometimes the days go by without giving it meaning and having things as wonderful as these landscapes that invade us with complete joy and allow us to achieve a state of happiness and relaxation.

Dear friends, I hope you have enjoyed my weekend of recharging ourselves with new energies and as always, thank you for supporting me in the stories of my family life.

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