My Top Three Unavoidable expenses.

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The weeks prompt are so fascinating that I feel like answering all the questions(wink) well I would be talking about things that I spend money one.
For many of us, the issue is not really that we don't have money but the problem is how we spend it
. from buying unnecessary things, to eating out, to weekend turn up, and even wedding parties (every Saturdays) we find ourselves spending money largely both the cash we have at hand and the one yet to come.
As long as we exist we will always make expenses.

However, there are certain spending habits that are fast becoming normal routine in our lives. Not to mention how civilization and advancement in technology comes to take its own share of expenses.

Here are three things I send money more on:
Data For Browsing the internet:
If you live in Nigeria you will agree with me on this, funny enough this is an unavoidable expenses. For some of us that work online and use social media we keep buying data and the subscription doesn't last a month like it's supposed to. I just wish I can unlearn how to recharge with my bank. It may interest you to know that I spend as high as $11 for data per month. The only way I get to cut out is by limiting my visit to some apps and focus primarily on what the data was ment for.

my hair
: sometimes I wish I can bring down my head and make my hair my self Because the cost of buying materials for braiding my hair and paying my stylist cost not less than 13$ or more.
That's much to me because I feel I have other responsibilities , so to reduce cost I do more of wigs that way I just weave my natural hair and install my wig and I get to style it anyway I want.

call cards
because I live in a different city from my parents I usually reach out to them on phone calls and this requires call cards.
No matter how broke I am I must try to have that just incase I need to speak to someone urgently.

I can go on and mention how I spend money on clothes, shoes,bag but these things are not often what I spend money on. However, I believe that instead of saving money we should invest them, because banks only help to keep our money safe with high inflation and low interest rates on savings. Invest the money in a business and watch how the money works for you. An idle cash doesn't earn a dime just like idleness doesn't bring food to the table.



Data is life, this morning my data got exhausted and I felt like there is a hole created in my life. I couldn't login to hive,the worst part was that I couldn't even login to my bank app to is a must expenses for me too. Women and hair, we have to look good u know 😍👍 and call families
These are important expenses we can't avoid

You know right 😄 it's just so unavoidable.
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Data bundle is almost inevitable in this digital world presently, mostly if you are a sociable person or a freelancer