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I don't know if you have heard of shinrin-yoku...

In Japanese, shinrin-yoku means "forest bath", and is a kind of ecotherapy, so to speak, that has gained popularity in the '80s not only in Japan but also in China and Korea.

If you have ever had the opportunity to spend a few hours immersed in a trail, totally in touch with nature, the concept of shinrin-yoku will be easily understandable. After all, you must have noticed that you felt calmer, more peaceful, and also re-energized.

into the wild.jpg
recharging the batteries

This contact with nature and its effects drew so much attention in the East that it began to be studied. In the book "Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Be Healthier and Happier", Dr. Qing Li explains that there is a science behind contact with nature. According to Qing Li, exposure to the natural aromas of plants increases the performance of the immune system. Furthermore, walking in forests can decrease the production of cortisol, the famous "stress hormone," promoting calm, concentration, and well-being.

For me, since the beginning of the pandemic, regular forest baths have become a necessity. As I found out that in my town there is a fully preserved mini forest, I started to spend a few hours of my weekend there.

This weekend I was visited by some friends from Bulgaria and I didn't think twice about taking them to see the cultural forest. In today's post, I'm taking my friends from Hive along for the ride!

Take a deep breath of fresh air from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest!

forrest bath.jpg
Here we go Hive friends!

The Cultural Forest

This place called "Cultural Forest" is today is an area that was partially abandoned years ago, in a neighborhood called Parque Três Meninos. I say partially abandoned because, yes, there was a resident who liked that area so much, that he really takes care of it. So, for a long time he kept planting trees and removing garbage and debris from the place.

The place is full of butterflies and we could capture some of its beauty

Mr. Dimas, as he is known, was the precursor of a residents' movement, which later became an NGO. As time went by, more residents joined the movement and ended up discovering that this was not only a green area but also an area with springs, that is, practically an oasis in the middle of the concrete of the city.

According to Brazilian law, spring areas must receive special protection and cannot be cleared. This is how the cultural forest became not only the project of a square, but also a seed of activism to keep all trees and native species intact.

Today the cultural forest is a kind of meeting place and also a great place to take a bath in the forest here in my city. Besides enjoying the trails, there is a special program with yoga, dance, meditation, and environmental education classes.

Enjoying a forest bath with friends

What I like the most, without a doubt, is that all the trails lead to a viewpoint where it is possible to see the whole city and a beautiful sunset. This weekend I was visited by two friends from Bulgaria who ended up coming here. The stop at the Cultural Forest was mandatory and they loved to listen to the sounds of the Atlantic Forest!

floresta cultural.jpg
A lot of nature around

going up.jpg
Fresh air for deep breaths

on the top.jpg
after the walk, the forest meets the concrete jungle

This exchange was very interesting because I remember that when I lived in Europe I found it very cool how quiet the forests there are when compared to Brazil. Here, whenever you enter the forest, the sound of insects and water is almost always a symphony!

I found this video on YouTube that is not mine, but I decided to put it here because it gives a more real dimension of what it is like to walk through the cultural forest and have the chance to take this delicious forest bath in an area of the Atlantic Forest!

I hope you enjoyed it and that this post inspires you to look for a small forest in your city where you can disconnect and enjoy the present moment!


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thank you so much!! so happy to be there! <3

I have never heard of shinrin-yoku but I sure enjoy a walk in the woods! Amazing to have something so wild or at least wildish, practically in the city and you captured it so beautifully!
I was very glad to see your friends from Bulgaria, visiting you. If they made it all the way over there, I can hope that maybe you'll have some visitors from Greece one day too :)

You're more than welcome @fotostef! Brazil is waiting for you and these amazing greek lens that captures so much beauty around you!!

Haha thanks!
It doesn't seem possible for now but who knows :)

That is an absolutely amazing place. I would love to take a stroll there. Here we are covered in snow and it's so cold I don't want to leave the house.

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