[WE:] Bed time stories


Personally sleeping is one of my best hobbies, though is mostly for lazy people. I love going to bed naked and here's why
Sleeping is one of the most amazing times of my life, it gives a different kind of peace of mind, be it mid day sleep or night sleep
I actually wear nothing to bed most times because I sleep more comfortable that way.
I go for work from 8:00am in the morning, come home around pass two, change up to the next clothes cause I don't feel comfortable without clothes during day time. At night is mainly when I am relieved from clothes stress only at night about to go to bed, probably after a refreshing night bath.

Sleeping nude helps to decrease my body's temperature, cause the part of the world I live in the heat tells a different story here, the only way I could get quality sleep is letting the little cool breeze on my skin it's sensation hits differently and gives a healthy sleep.

Actually sleeping nude makes me fall asleep easily i don't really know why it just happens, maybe cause I am comfortable, while if I wore a pajamas I will be up all night practically doing nothing but not sleeping either, I really get less sleep doing that.

It helps relieve stress cause I would have a deep sleep and I wake up on the right side of my bed when I sleep peacefully. No matter how cold the night could be, I still prefer sleeping naked but probably just covering up myself instead.

Back then in secondary our teachers also adviced us to sleep without our underpants it helps in avoiding infection.

Sleeping nude has really became part of me I would say, I barely have just anyone for sleep over cause of that, and if I go visiting another home I probably have less sleep at night. It has it's own disadvantages cause I could get extra cold at times but cannot still wear clothes just to sleep peacefully.

  • It has also been said that sleeping nude has it's health slew benefits including helping you to lose weight, cause keeping yourself cool while you sleep speeds the body's metabolism because our body creates more
    brown fat to keep the body warm

  • It helps strengthen relationship because the skin to skin contact between adults can increase level of oxytocin which can help to reduce your stress level and makes you feel more conneted to your partners. Sleep naked with your partners to keep your relationships

  • it helps with healthy skin, immunity boost and the rest of it.

Thank you @galenkp for keeping me busy this weekend, I had added my nude sleeping pictures but is a little bit very much not possible.

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