My Promise

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Hello everyone!
This is the first time I'll post here.
Thank you to @galenkp for the opportunity given to us to be creative.

Weekends must be well spent after five days of working, whether blue or white-collar jobs. Easier said than done, right? However, it doesn't work for me because weekends are the only days I have to write: continue my ongoing novels and come up with new ideas.

Unfortunately, yesterday, Sunday, I found myself staring at a blank word document on my computer screen... for hours, without typing a single word.

Writer's block? I don't think so.

Was I procrastinating? Maybe.

But the truth is I was reminiscing, asking myself, "Do I regret a single thing?"

Therefore, this is my response to one of the prompts for this weekend: "The one thing I will never regret in my life is..."

And that one thing I will never ever regret is NOT GIVING UP ON MY DREAM OF BECOMING A WRITER.


When my mother died almost 11 years ago, I wrote her a letter, promising that I will never stop writing until I fulfilled my dream-- to be a writer. It doesn't matter if I don't become famous as long as I could publish a book.

I have fulfilled her dream for me to become a teacher, so when I passed the licensure examination for teachers, I kept writing.


First Anthology.JPG

During the nuisance of the pandemic, while many people got depressed about the mishap, I diverted my attention to writing short stories to vent out.

I tried sending out some of the poems I wrote ages ago on flavescent pieces of paper, but I got rejected. However, it didn't stop me from trying again. I sent one of my short stories, and it found its place in this first anthology.

Second Anthology.JPG

When the first anthology came out, I couldn't believe it. Seeing my pen name on a book cover made me speechless. I couldn't find the words to express my bliss.

At first I thought of the song lyrics, "Just Got Lucky," so I submitted another short story. It landed on this second anthology. I sent another one, which was considered to be part of another compilation.

Third Anthology.JPG
I think that's it!
I finally shared with you what I did on a Sunday.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. ^_^


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😉💪 nice! i guess i get to say I knew her (u) when she just started hive!! :) awesome!