My Weekend Escapade to a Chocolate Haven and BBQ Joint

Hey, sweeties! I'm back again and this time, I'll be sharing my weekend escapade from last Saturday when I explored with my mom for our weekly bonding and adventures.

Some of you might have heard or visited the SMR store before. It's been years, I think, since the last time I visited the store to buy chocolates and other food items there. Years ago, I remember the displays extended to the second floor, but when we visited recently, it seems like they have turned the second floor into a storage room, and now you just pick your orders from the ground floor.

We saw from a post that they had started offering Korean noodles, especially the Buldak Carbonara, which my mom and I have recently been enjoying, so that was what we picked up first.

We also added little ice cream cones, some almonds, chocolates, and gummies. So ,the total price of what we ordered was around 700 pesos, not bad.

There were buy-one-get-one deals, which made my experience more exciting. What I love about this store is that you can buy goods either individually or in packs.

Do you have a sweet tooth like mine? If you want to treat yourself, you can find the SMR Chocolates at Escario Central Mall. They also offer chocolates that make perfect gifts for couples. While there are other branches in Cebu, this one is the closest to us.

The next spot we went to was Yakski Barbecue, still located in Capitol. I haven't heard of this barbecue joint until recently. My mom suggested it to me so I wanted to try it for the first time.

There were only a few offerings during our visit that night. There were chicken, pork, tofu, and some fish. After the pandemic, it turned out that the prices of their offering have increased. The lowest price of their barbecue was at 34 pesos.

What we ordered was a chicken breast with wing, a tofu, and a few pork barbecues. I loved the sauce, both regular and spicy as it was really tasty and best suited for barbecues. The chicken was a bit dry, and the pork barbecue was not as tender as I expected it to be, but it still had a good flavor. I loved the tofu, it's what I really enjoyed the most. Our bill was around 500 pesos, including servings of rice and soft drinks. I still enjoyed it overall because of the sauce that made me eat more.

After our meal, we made a quick stop at Merrymart on Osmena Boulevard. There, we bought a buy-one-get-one macaroni salad and some fruits. I found out that they offer buy-one-get-one deals, especially when the store is near closing. It's a win-win. Then, we headed straight home. It was a short but sweet trip out.

Thank you for reading my blog, sweeties! I hope you get the chance to indulge in some tasty delights as well. Sending you sweet and positive vibes. Take care!


Wow, you had a wonderful weekend escaped miss. Enjoy for the rest of the day!

Wanna be at the SMR, those chocolates are heaven puhon ka lang...

The barbeque that you ordered Ma'am @ikaycutie looks juicy and delicious. It makes me crave of eating barbeque.

Yakski is kinda popular way back then. They have great bbq 😅 Dunno why it's not as popular nowadays.

i have never tried carbonara. since you like it,sounds that it tastes good.

Target locked Merrymart. Thank you. @ikaycutie

I remembered Yatski. It was also my frist time to try it last year when my mom brought us to Cebu this was by far my best and most favorite BBQ. I specially liked their spicy sauce.

What a fantastic weekend escapade you had miss @ikaycutie, the food looked so delicious as well.

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