My Favorite Dress

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Happy Weekend all, it's being a long while since I participated in weekend engagement I have not been active on hive..

When I read the various topics for the weekend, the second topic which is *YOUR FAVORITE DRESS OR SHOE *. It brought smile to my face because of the memory lane.
So I got this sleeveless black and white gown from my immediate elder sister like four years ago, I know it is a long time right?.

The first time I wore it , it just fit in so much like it was specially made for me so no need to adjust it. It knows how to bring out my body shape, it looks great on both flat shoe and high heels.
The dress is universal, it can be worn to an outing, to a date, to work or to church.

The dress always has a way to appear new, it can be worn with a plain black or white top underneath if you are not comfortable with the sleeveless.
I have worn it once this year, it is getting too tight already.
I want to give it out but the slit is looking faded already. But the gown is still pretty.

Thanks for Reading ❤️


Look but what good photographs, the dress fits you perfectly, it is very pretty, and with the correct accessories you can wear it on different occasions. And it has one of my favorite colors. I loved. Greetings @isabeell577

Thank you