After a long week of work from Monday to Friday, the weekend is something I look forward to. Let me share with you the activity I recently did on a weekend.


Hello Hivers! There are many things I can do and places I can visit here in Taiwan but on the 13th of April 2024, a Saturday, I decided to climb a mountain. Yes! you heard me right! I climbed the Elephant Mountain or Mt. Xiangshan, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan.


I was so excited when I arrived at the place. The steps looked narrow at this point, so I thought that it was going to be a hard climb. I warmed my body up for quite some time.



The entrance to the mountain is located in the middle of two narrow streets with buildings surrounding it. The view at the foot of the mountain was nice already but I knew it would be nicer when I reached the top.


As a first-timer, I read the signs placed on the side of the rails to learn more about the mountain and to kind of prepare myself as well.


It was foreigner-friendly because there was an English translation, except for the map, because it was written in Chinese. Nevertheless, the English translation is still a bonus I must say!


I found out that to reach the top is an eighteen-minute hike. Honestly, I was having a second thought when I read it. Yet, I tried to convince myself that I can do it!


So, I started climbing! From those narrow-looking steps at the foot of the mountain came wider and longer steps that blew my mind.


Many people were climbing too. Others were foreigners and some were locals. I could tell they were ready for the feat judging by the clothes they wore.



I had to take a pause and rest from time to time because I was grasping my breath. I think it must have come with age!



Many climbers paused and took a rest too. Good thing benches were provided anywhere so climbers can sit down whenever they feel exhausted.


When anyone needs a drink or food to eat, a seller can be found there too. Convenient right?



At the beginning of the climb, I counted the steps, but I lost count because I was slowly getting more and more tired.


As I was going on with the climb, I could only see trees, ladders, railings, benches, and people. I was hoping to reach the top any time soon.




Soon enough, I reached a certain deck where I could see a beautiful view of Taipei City with its ever-known building Taipei 101. The view was extremely breathtaking. The wind gusted freely which somehow eased my feeling of exhaustion.



I immediately posed for a photo to commemorate this moment of hurdle. Though it was not the peak yet, I was too tired to continue. I bet I could still get the same beautiful view as these.


I can say the climb was hard, but it was all worth it!
If you come this far, thanks for your time! See you on my next one. Bye!


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Thank you

Going in there is sooooo worth it. Even the view on the way is enough to go with it. I think if you make it a hobby to go up in there every week, you won't need to exercise anymore, haha. Or maybe it still not enough? Lol. I'm sure if I visit that place I can never reach the top too, lol. Especially I easily get tired.

Yeah, it was all worth it! A dose of exercise I agree!

Climbing mountains can be challenging, but the breathtaking views and sense of accomplishment make it all worthwhile.

I strongly agree with this one!

I love the place Ma'am @itsmetim
I can still see the beauty of nature and I admired on how they preserve the trees despite of the huge sky scrapers build in the area.

True, it is so amazing how they take care of their natural resources.

Awww too bad you didn’t continue the hike. Though I think it’s not really a hike but an exhausting uphill journey 😂
You did your best though and glad they have a stopover with that wonderful view. At least for people who couldn’t continue anymore. 😅

I was so tired already and at least I did my best.😂

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You've got this @itsmetim! Keep putting in the effort and you'll reach your target in no time.

It must be so nice living in another country. Are there wild elephants in this mountain? I was wondering why it was called Elephant Mountain.

It is nice and challenging too.😂 Exactly my question as well, but there are no elephants in the mountain. I think it is called the elephant mountail because when it is viewed from the too, the mountain looks like the shape of the elephant trunk.

from thr top, i mean

I'm not a fan of stairs, but this place is a wondrous climb, really worth my time. I'd like to try and go there. Thank you for sharing miss @itsmetim!💗

Good to hear that! This is definitely worth a try @rainebow0407