An Attempt To Reach The Baecon Hill

December 8, 2023

When hiking, I sometimes want to hike trails as much as I can to push my strength and endurance. My body might quickly tire out when on trails again if my legs were not used to hiking after long months of hiatus, but it would recover with further hiking. So the more trails I climb, the stronger I become.

After my recent afternoon hike, I decided to follow the next trail to Baecon Hill, as I wanted to see the sunset atop the peak. It was around five in the afternoon when I finished my first hike, and the sunset would fall at five thirty, so I thought I could catch it atop the hill on time.


The Baecon Hill I attempted to hike to catch the sunset.

However, since it's the winter season in Hong Kong, the day is shorter than the night. Thus, hiking during the sunset period isn't appropriate for a solo lady hiker.


At this point, I have choices about whether to descend to the base along with other hikers or climb another hill.


Pavilion, starting point to other trails.

However, despite the uncertain time, I continued hiking to Beacon Hill because the direction post says it's only 1.3 kilometers ahead. So I thought I could reach the peak in less than an hour. There are resting spots on the way, but there was no reason for me to rest. Otherwise, I'll be left alone in the woods at night, which can be dangerous. I also spotted some areas that seemed to be fitness corners. I guess it's only in Hong Kong where you can find fitness corners in parks and mountains.



There were flat terrains, which made my walk more convenient, but mostly steep stairs. I trusted my endurance and followed the winding, paved trails. However, the steep stairs made my pace slower, and I started to feel cramps in my lower right leg.




I spotted this military cave, and the information post says that it was built by the Japanese army to store supplies and weapons.


Since the sun was already beginning to drop, I knew I wouldn't arrive in time. But I didn't want to turn back, so I kept going up. Fearing that I could be alone on the route at night, I walked rapidly. At some point, I became hesitant to chase the summit because I had a lot of what-if scenarios running through my head. However, there was a part of me that told me to persevere since giving up would be a waste.


All of a sudden, I heard loud scratches from the trees, which startled me to death. I stood frozen for a while, contemplating the possible creatures that would suddenly pop out of the woods. I was unprepared and hoping to see a stick or whatever I could grab to defend myself from possible danger. The once-silent trail was filled with chattering sounds and the scratches of branches. It was then that I realized that the area is monkeys' den.


Monkeys were climbing from one branch to another, and some seemed to show aggressive behavior toward another. I swear my heart was pounding too fast and I wanted to run, but if I do so, they might be startled and chase after me. I remember monkeys won't touch you unless you show some food. Carefully, I continued following the trail as I felt like I was near the viewing point of Baecon Hill.


At around five thirty, I finally reach Baecon Hill viewing point. However, I could no longer see the sun from this area because it wasn't the summit yet. There were more steep stairs that I needed to climb if I wanted to see the peak. At this point, I contemplated whether to continue or go back to the base.


This was the first mountain I hiked that day. I'll share about it one of these days.


When this family arrived from the peak of Baecon Hill, I inquired as to whether anyone was still on top of the hill. There were, as they claimed, a few, although they were already rather distant from my spot. That's when I decided to turn around and head back to the pavilion. Besides, it was growing dark on the trail, and I wouldn't feel secure hiking by myself.



I would really try hiking all the way to the top of Baecon Hill if there were other hikers. I was thankful with the Chinese family's presence. I was able to return to the base with companions. I went back the same way I had come. I waited for more hikers coming down from another mountain when I got to the intersection at the pavilion so that I might have more companions.


A glimpse of Kowloon City at night. It must have been great to see this atop the hill, but only if I had companions.



It was already night, and I was still on the trail with other hikers. With the aid of my phone's flashlight, I traced an unfamiliar trail going to an unfamiliar base. While walking, I realized that this trail is way easier compared to where I started my first hike. At least I learned that if I want to hike this certain mountain again, I already knew where to start to save time and energy. At some spots, I jogged to easily catch up on other hikers because I didn't want to be alone in the dark trail.



To my surprise, I arrived at Lok Fu station, which was quite nearer to my former residence, Kowloon City. Before leaving the place, I had a quick dinner at Koon Thai Food Cuisine. That was a great treat after an exhausting climb. Although I failed to climb the peak of Baecon Hill, at least I learned some routes and trails that I might visit someday. Nonetheless, it was an amazing weekend experience.

(All photos are mine)



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I felt somewhat envious 🤣😅. It's been a while since I hike and I don't think so I can in the next year's 😅

Dto sa HK, dami buntis nag hahike.. Para daw yan hin mahirapan jan sa pinas, delikado mag hike ang buntis 🤣..

Hindi kasi ganon ka friendly trails Dito Madam 🤣.

That's quite a climb, but you were rewarded with some really nice views for your effort!
I like the rays of the sun showing up on the first picture!

Yes it was.. But my first hike has better views. I'll share about it one of these days

@tipu curate

Thanks for calli g tipu ☺️

Whoa, th3 beauty of thay place is superb! Even me enjoyed the view ee. Kaso mukhang nakakapagod lang talaga sha lakarin. But worth it naman.

2nd hike na kasi yan that day kaya kapagod na...hndi ko na reach yung peak 🥲.. Pero worth it yung first hike


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Woaah you are really a hiker and I always love your perseverance. Medyo natakot din Ako after reading na medyo may maingay sa mga branches but glad it was just monkeys.

Delikado din ang monkeys kung umataki haha.. Grabe dami dun

Di Naman siguro Sila mang-aano kapag di mo Rin Sila gagawin.

Hiking is always interesting to me and I also enjoy it very much. When I was reading this, it reminded me one of my hiking experience to climb a hill because there was some place which is similar to some photos you shared here. One of my friends said that the hill is huge and beautiful. So for climbing the hill we started hiking in early morning and after 20 minutes we reached in the peak of the mountain 🤣. At 7.00 a.m we reached at the top and people coming there for exercise. We started to feel regret rush the without collecting information in details and believing my friend 's word🤣.


Why don't you share your hiking stories here too.. We love to read your adventures...

Writing about those needs a lot of time and it's very hard for me to organize my thoughts as I am not used to writing about it. I have some experience to share and I decided to share those but I keep delaying writing. Maybe it's because of my laziness, otherwise, it may be my fear of writing otherwise I don't get good support(reward) on those posts which can be a reason also. It naturally gives me a bad feeling when receiving below-average instead of making more effort. But Now rewards started to make less impact and I also thinking for to expand writing skills in different categories. So I think I will share all of those experiences in the future but time will play a great role in this case.

Hehe. I said a lot of things. It's secret and don't say my words to anyone🤣🤣. it's a confidential matter. !LOL

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A sham-rock.

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Of course it will be a long journey for you when you climb the hill there, even though you are tired because of the long climbing distance, it will all be worth it when you reach the top point and see the beauty of nature.

I did in my first hike...☺️

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Jane the explorer is back, hehe. Glad the scratching was monkeys and you weren't eating any food. I see they don't mind being photographed 😊 I can imagine you were stepping quickly anticipating the dark. I guess being in the dark by yourself would be scary just never know or see what may come. I think I would be jogging to get closer to others as well. Good to see you doing your hiking again, time to get stronger 💪 right. Good journey and well described. Have a great weekend! !LUV

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Nice trail it look safe kahit mag isa bast wag lang sa gabi. The city view is lovely. Ganda ng kuha nung monkey.

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Wowww, I want to try hiking too 🥹🥹🥹 I also want to experience the ecstatic feeling whenever I reach the peak of the mountain after the long hike. Anyways, maybe in the future!

Your visuals is really captivating, along with your writings! Have a great day ahead (⁠ ⁠◜⁠‿⁠◝⁠ ⁠)⁠♡

Nice place for adventure, happy to see wildlife in places like this.

You're very adventurous sis and brave too :) I don't know if I can go on a hike alone but it's good you had some company while you were coming down.

Thanks for sharing your hiking adventure to Baecon Hill in Hong Kong! Your determination to catch the sunset, encounters with monkeys, and the decision to prioritize safety and return in the dark all made for an exciting journey. Learning alternative routes adds to the experience, and the night views of Kowloon City capped off a rewarding weekend. Looking forward to hearing about your future hikes!

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