A Spontaneous Saturdate with Friends

It was a long, tiring day, and I haven't seen my friends in a while. Despite being exhausted from my internship duty, I feel the need to meet up with my friends and hang out with them. It was Saturday after all, so I realized why not spend a little time catching up with them? With my sleepy eyes and tired knees after shift, I went to the establishment where they are doing their on-the-job training, and there my friend, @ikaycutie, fetched me outside.

This was actually an unplanned hook-up. The initial plan was that after work I'd go home directly so that I could have my weary body rest. But then, my clingy hormones got activated, which resulted in me wanting to see my not-so-showy but clingy friends. So basically, this Saturday has become an on-the-spot Saturdate.

So, the meeting place is specifically Nyor Cafe + Bistro. If you want to know more about this place, you can check out @ikaycutie's blog featuring this one, because maybe you'll consider this one in the future if you ever come here in Cebu, Philippines.

I entered the cafe in the welcoming presence of my other friends. The ambience of the place is cozy and warm. I believe even just sitting here chitchatting with my friends would somehow sooth my poor little tired self. Just by doing that, I've started taking pictures.

I appreciate everything that I saw. The place was giving me such a relaxing vibe that, in a snap, I forgot that I was definitely burned out from five consecutive days of duties. But hephep, let's not complain because the greatest days are yet to come. I've seen some students there as well, working individuals, and foreigners, which are boarders from a mini-hotel that's actually connected with Nyor Cafe, the same building but two different brand names owned by the same person.

We were seated here on the upper part of the cafe and started catching up while laughing at our random jokes and topics. Thankfully, I was able to be here because it definitely made me feel less worn out. I enjoyed gazing at these meaningful and historical paintings on the wall.

For this instant Saturday, I have looked forward to not spending any money at all. I just want to visit there and meet my friends. That's just it. But we have this Filipino expression "budol,” which means influencing someone to do or buy something. So directly speaking, though I find it unnecessary for me to buy food at that time, I've been “budoled” by my friends with their latest combo offer, and here it goes. Charannn!

This is worth 99 pesos. I know it's psychological pricing, right? Hahahaha, but anyway, I only gaslighted myself and thought I deserved this one. I believe, I really do. This is the cheapest combo they had, and I admit, this combo is honestly so good. Kudos to my friends for the recommendation, or budol?

just 2/5 in frame

Overall, this has been a nice weekend experience for me. I don't go outside a lot, but being able to spend some time with my besties on a spontaneous Saturdate after work was truly amazing. So this is what happened on that one Saturday. Thanks for reading!


Me too!! When I am really tired, I also ask my friends to hang out with me. Anyway, i love the carbonara hehe

You should try it too soon, Chelle! 🫶

A date after a tiring day hits different. I’ve also experienced hanging out with some friends after a long tiring day from OJT shift. Good to see you both enjoying your time together. ❤️

Yeah, time flies so fast that we were together everyday at school 😂 and then separated for our internship. But that's the reality, we all really gonna part ways soon. Now, it's just so lonely for me because unlike them, I got no classmates with me in the same company. But despite that, we still make time, even a little, to catch up! Thanks for reading, @reshychannn! ❤️

Good to see you enjoying your time with friends @jeannmazing.❤️✨

Thank you so much, @brandonwrites! 🫶

A date with a friend, I'm sure you had a lot of catch up too while having that date with a girl friend 🤩✨. The food looks good though, and I think it's still cheap, but what's that pasta? Carbonara? With Pizza and a toast? They looks super yum yum

Yes, you got it all right, miss @ruffatotmeee! It was indeed a great time with my friends, and yes, the food was delicious and affordable. It's a combo perfect for students. Thank you so much for reading! 🥰

The place looks great and the food looks soo delicious ! Hayss, a date with friends after a tiring day really hits diff

It was indeed great! It's best especially for students like you who wish to have a relaxing place to study. You're right, dear, simple dates or hooking up with friends are the best! 🫶

A date after a long day is really great. I’ve also enjoyed hanging out with friends after a shift. Glad to see you both having a great time gwaps!🥰💙

Thank you, Han! It was just a quick hangout though, but we had an amazing time. Definitely, sharing some moments with friends after a long day is one of the best ways to unwind. I hope to meet you and our other friends too soon, it's been a long time already. 🥹

It's so refreshing to see how a spontaneous outing can lift your spirits after a long week @jeannmazing.🫶🏻 Your experience at Nyor Cafe + Bistro sounds delightful, and it's great that you had such a relaxing time with your friends. Thanks for sharing this lovely moment and the recommendation! I might just have to check out Nyor Cafe + Bistro☕️☺️

Thank you so much for reading, @amishu! Yes, you're right, it really was a wonderful place to relax and unwind. The ambiance of Nyor Cafe + Bistro was a plus! Also, their food is more like a Western taste. If you visit, let me know how you like it! 🥰

That's a good price for a combo. Anyway, where is this place located in Cebu? I've been there last time at Cebu but haven't seen that one. It seems cozy and peaceful to enjoy a cup of coffee and have a meal, though.

Hello, miss @ayane-chan! Yes, I've heard you came here last week. 🫶 Maybe you may consider this in the future, it's located behind the Toyota building on MJ Cuenco, Lapu-Lapu St., Cebu City. It's just a walking distance from Basilica Minore Del Santo Niño and other historical spots in Cebu. A good thing is they also have Happynest Hostel, which is best for travelers. It's actually located in a hidden area, that's why most people may not have seen it, but you can find it on Google if you search for hotel recommendations. There are actually many foreigners there.

The food is sooo mura na! You can't get that carbonara with some pizza and a bread with that price here in the north.

NYOR seems to be a cozy place perfect for friends and people that want to make tambay.

That's true, @tpkidkai! 😂 It's actually a very student-friendly combo. It's the only option I can afford on their menu right now. 😆

The place looks very nice and the food looks good. And nothing to release stress as good as spending some time with friends after a few days of hard work, right?

Yes, @coquicoin, you said it right! There's nothing quite like unwinding with friends after a tough few days. Though it's just for a short time, it's still a perfect way to decompress and recharge for a bit. 🥹 Thanks for reading!

That's good to know that you had an amazing day with your friend Ma'am @jeannmazing

Thank you so much, @diamondinthesky! 🫶❤️

Thank you so much, miss @diamondinthesky! 🫶❤️

The place seems really cozy. It’s truly a perfect place for hanging out with some friends. I’m adding this place to my “go-to list”. Glad you enjoyed your date with your friend, @jeannmazing.

Yes, definitely, it's a great spot for hanging out with friends. Adding it to your bucket list sounds like a fantastic idea @bryankunnn, because they actually have many combos perfect for a group of friends. You can also stay there overnight at Happynest Hostel.✨

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