WE158: We're happy to have a child and we want another one

My husband and I got married at age 27. Having that age, we really want to have a baby very soon because of our age, especially my age. Day and night we pray for it but we didn't get a YES answer.

For a long time, we are waiting, day by day, month by month until we are not waiting anymore and said, if it will be given to us then we would be happy, if not, then it's okay.

I am not expecting anymore until one day I realized I am three days delayed. I told my sister in law about it and her smiled almost reached her ears and said, You might be pregnant! Upon hearing it, my heart beat so fast and excitement strikes me again.

That night I told my husband that I am three days delayed. He then started imagining being a father very soon. Days passed before I was able to buy pregnancy test and I did the test so early in the morning. That morning was one of the best morning that we have as a husband and wife because I saw two red lines.

Will you believe that I still kept this one until this very day and i was able to take a photo of it again today. Seeing this result that morning made us so excited to be a parent.

After two months, I decided to have ultrasound. I was there alone because my husband is at work. Seeing a little angel inside my tummy gives me an unexplainable feeling of happiness.

I can still remember how big my husband's smiles when I show this ultrasound picture to him.

After seven months I decided to have another ultrasound to know the gender of our baby and its a baby boy. My husband is happier knowing it.

To make the long story short, I gave birth our baby through C-section. I had a hard time on this and had a literally 50/50 condition. I almost died 🥺 but praise God for giving me and my son a chance to enjoy life.

That experience makes me afraid to be pregnant again. I observed a very strict birth control until my son is five years old.

When time passed by, I and my husband felt pity watching our son grows alone without any siblings. He don't have someone to call sister or brother. He don't have someone to lean on someday when we are gone.

There were times he asked for a baby, there were times he even prayed for a baby. This made our heart melt. He is already five and many are asking a sister or a brother for him.

We want another baby

January this year when we decided to stop birth control and prayed for another baby. Having this decision is not easy especially for me because the fear of having the same experience on my first born always remind me.

It's already six months without birth control but I am still having my period today. We are waiting for another blessing again. We don't know when to receive a YES answer to our prayer but we believe we could receive it in God's right time.

This is my participation for sir @galenkp weekend engagement week 158.

While writing about this topic, these creatures are having a good time ☺️. Sir, this is the only picture I could show, lol. They really show in the right time, lol.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a great Sunday everyone 🙂.


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Thank you @ecency and @galenkp for the support. More blessings!

Don't give up. You're still young and fertile, very far from menopausal stage yet. There's still a chance. Just keep your bofy healthy and continue to pray..

Yes @ayane-chan I still have hope. Thanks for your kind comment and advices.

Just pray sis. I know God will answer all our prayers in time. God bless you and your family.

Yes sis thank you so much. God bless you too. Keep safe.

Just continue praying. It'll be heard by Him..

The gap between your son and hopefully the new one is great..two is enough, especially since you were Caesarean.. And I hope it'll be a baby girl to make the family complete ☺️..


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Yes if given a chance to have another baby, we hope it's a girl but whichever is still a blessing if ever.

Yes, two is enough. We will just wait for God's another blessing.

God has another plan for you. It will come surely in His own will and likeness.

Yes sis, we just hope so. But still His will be done.

Hopefully a little brother or sister comes along soon for your son, I think he will enjoy having someone to play with. Do you have a preference as to a boy or girl?

We wish for a girl because my first born is a boy. It would be good to see boy and girl in the family. But whoever comes, we would still be happy.

That would be a nice balance.

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Don't lose hope Sis, just trust in God's timing. Like your first child, it will surely come if it is God's will.

Yes sis, thanks for the reminder. Thanks for dropping by.