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I have always been close to Animals. From my earliest memories on that long gone Pensyl-Tucky (usa) Dairy Farm. 48 dairy heffers. A few bulls for breeding. A couple horses. Pigs, chickens,ducks,cats,dogs and plenty of fish to catch in the nearby ponds and creeks. Venison in the freezer and open season on all the normal crop destroying critters.

It is no wonder that I have always felt more at ease around animals than people.

Even through being kicked by those cows, bucked off and low branched by the horses, chased around by angry squealing pigs, forced to assist in the slaughter of my pet ducks to have food in the freezer, scratched/bitten by the cats, forced to put our pet dog down.

But now those fish never did me wrong. This photo is not me or my first fish.

young tiger muskie.jpg


My 1st Fish...

The first fish ever caught, a small Muscalung (Muskie) with an assist form my dad before he ghosted us. I remember all the hooplah about it being one of the harder fishes to catch. Somewhere there is a photo of a four year old kid and his father holding it up for the camera. That kid was me. As friends and relatives have parted this world for the next, some of those old photos have made their way to me. How great it would be if that one would also.

Cheetah like Speed, Panther like agility.

I was fast when I was a child and young adult. I could climb the shit outta any tree and do it very fast.

1 Tree climber.JPG

I have also been accused of being part monkey, part man.

28 Tree triming3.JPG

As the years have flown by like the mile post signs on the highways I've traveled. (Way too many too fast.)

I have discovered the trees are no longer easy to climb. And just in the last few days I have realized I have Hit the Wall physically. I have never been much of a runner. Like a cheetah when I was younger I had some wicked speed for a short distance. I have never been a distance runner.

Just two days ago I did a little quarter mile jog back to the Prime from a ✅ in at a delivery. It was alarming how painful that run was. From the tweaked back, to blown out knee and I could feel pain in every bone, in every joint. I think even my teeth and hair hurt!



The ab lounger has come back out of storage. The treadmill will get dusted off. I feel borderline disabled not being able to run and jump like the Animal
that I wish I was.

I will be 57 in October. Right now I feel 67 And it is way too early in my life to have to wear a life alert bracelet. Pushing the button and saying...

Help! I've Fallen & Can't Get Up!!

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I get you. The old bones just don't move the way they once did. We still have a walk behind mower, and I can still run the grass in 90 minutes... but it's the recovery time after that gets me! Instead of following up with a night out, now I sit around being sore for two days!

63 in a month. This stuff ain't gettin' easier...

You are right. The Jog was 36 hours ago. And I am paying the price as I type this.

Did you do better at 56-7 than I am? Like I said. I feel 67.

Yay! 🤗
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