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When I ended the Java Monsters Sci-Fi story our warriors, Guardian Angel G-Dog, Arts The Gatekeeper @dandays, and our Aquaman Captain @scubahead had decided to leave for home and search for the ones they had left behind. To step back from the alien war that had all but destroyed our world. These battered and torn four had discovered the creatures weaknesses. Had delivered that info to an underground hidden military base in the North Carolina mountains (usa) near the Virginia line.

This is the story of a truckers return home only to find his girl held captive by the Java Monsters. Where He must make an impossible choice.

Here is a link to the start of The Java Monster Story if you wish to start from the beginning.

A Java Monster Morning

Benefit Ride in Lake City Newspaper.jpg

Krazzy & Pooky Ride On

It was nearly daybreak when The old iron horse He was riding turned the final corner towards home. But something did not feel right. There was a bright beam of blue light in the sky where his home would be. A light that our @krazzytrukker knew from before when he had witnessed a fellow runner, a warrior like himself captured and horribly liquified. Almost by instinct he quickly hit the kill switch and coasted the motorcycle silently the last half mile turning off into a wooded area a few hundred yards from the Pookyville Cat Ranch where many rescued animals had once called home. Also his home. He wondered what their fates had been. Could they still be alive, hiding and struggling to survive like so many others.

Java Monsters


Sammi Jo Java Slayer Kitty

There were definitely Javas nearby as the pungent odor of coffee was suffocating. They had been liquifying humans into a dark black liquid goo that was very much like a thick black coffee brew that only a hardcore javonian drinker like our warrior @scubahead could handle. As our warrior lay hidden in the thick underbrush, his thoughts wandered back to the others. Hoping that upon their return home they did not find loved ones captured or worse liquified. Some humans were kept alive as workers, servants, and tortured for information. Then what happened next gave him hope. Our warrior runner truckers girl @pooky-jax was still alive. Bound and chained but alive. As the doors opened to a Java Monster alien craft. He could see several survivors. One of them being his girl. The aliens began dragging the captives out to what looked like a liquification area. Several large tanks stood nearby. Those liquification storage tanks had alien symbols on them. Those symbols looked eerily similar to the "Starbucks" brand logo.

Capture or Surrender

Officer French Asshole 2011.jpg
KrazzyTrukker Captured

Krazzy knew it was now or never. Time to fight for their lives. All of them. It was certain death as there were several monsters there. And many more nearby he was sure of it. So he let himself get captured. As the confused but arrogant aliens celebrated. Dancing and clucking in celebration on how easily they had caught another human to add to their brew. They never even checked him for weapons or searched the backpack he was wearing. A back pack with enough explosives to level a quarter square mile. It was stocked full of non-dairy creamer powder and sugar. Both of these are toxic to these pure black brew creatures.

KrazzyTrukker quickly gave instructions to the remaining survivors to coat themselves in the powder and follow his lead. Suddenly a spy, a weak minded self centered lemming shouted for the Javas to come quickly. Thinking he could save himself by ratting the others out. To sacrifice them all to save himself. But this quickly backfired on him. The Java Monsters thought it was a trap. They gave a piece of paper with written instructions on it to the one they had forced to be the worker and servant. @pooky-jax. It had three words written on it.

Kill Them Both

Kelly (pooky-jax's) finger trembled on the trigger. She pointed the Bersa Thunder pistol at the man she loved dearly's head. She fought back tears and rage. Just then she heard the love of her life's voice whisper...

"to be continued"

Thanks to Galen for the #weekend-engagement community and the inspiration to write and share thoughts here on the Hive.

And thanks for "Coming Home" with the Java Slayer himself.

Keep on KrazzyTrukkin'

Krazzy & Pooky-Jax


If you had any sort of imagination at all I'd say Pookyville Cat Ranch so sounds like a Las Vegas retreat. Dot dot.

That's our alias—true story. Take-out, wait list, et cetera, Kelly.

Helluva job enhancing your cover image dude.

@dandays Are You High..?

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Even Kelly had no frikkin clue what your saying about take out et cetera..?
You got a good script of wake and bake. Or you growing your own? Carefool that shit is melting your already jello like brain bro...


Take out is a method to order a meal. Jello, for example. What typically happens is, you find a joint and call'em, put in an order and they either deliver it or you go pick it up. If you choose to pick it up, that's called take out.

Those, table reservations, et cetera. When we phone in said et cetera's and they ask what name they should place the order under, we say Kelly.

If you're still clear as mud, it isn't my script I'd be questioning two dots.

Thank You for that clarification. I was really truthfully confused bro. I thought you were giving us shit. And we all know that is my soul purpose in life.

Really I am just stoned and get it now.

Not really... But I took an old guy nap to get my mind right and get you now bro. Any chance you could do some selfies with Atlas? She makes you L👀k Goooooood... LoL

Paws Up Atlas..!

See how young and handsome my girl Nikita used to make me L👀k? I miss her always...

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Sierra Pawshake.jpg

You are welcome. The problem's definitely me. I have no idea how many times I've said I need to speak less cryptic. It's a lot of talk.

Did Nikita stay in the yard? I never met a Husky that stays in the yard.

Nooooo... straight up bro. I lost nikita for 3 days. Somebody found her and ran a lost dog add. We got lucky with that deal.

All my 4 Husky have been "Runners". Go figure huh? It is in their DNA.

I fenced off a couple acres. Built em concrete AC igloos. Temp stayed 68-78 in em.

I've seen some caged in concrete slabs. It's either that or retrieve them. Husky's hate fences.

Dope igloo!

Was it called "Pussycat Ranch"?

And I bet you been there too huh?

Johnny "Arts" Cash

If I remember the story correctly, gov seized that Nevada Brothel and tried to manage it. Ran it Right into bankruptcy. Go figure huh?

There are many "brothels", ask me how I know... <---(those are awesomeness dots)

Thee "Whitehouse Whorehouse" in Washington "D.C." (district of corruption) is thee Most unpopular whorehouse ever. Everyone there has S T D's TDS.

That's the longest gif I've seen. I kept waiting for a commercial like where the hell's Macho Man?!

"If you had any sort of imagination at all I'd say Pookyville Cat Ranch so sounds like a Las Vegas retreat. Dot dot."

Is that what you call your twisted sense of humor? "Imagination"

More like an acid trip to the outside L👀kin' in... <--- (👀 there are the most awesome dots again!! Lmfao...) <--- and again.

You do realize bro you typo'd the "dot" right?

There are always 3 count em...


Of those most awesome elipses to leave you hangin', droolin, wake n' bakin'


So the next chapter of Java Monsters may be your journey home and must include Atlas and take out food?

We have been trying not to do so much take out/dine out food. But all this "MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING" You and I have caused iss killing me bro...

I have a new pit boss grill and it is too stinkin' hot to use it! Damn You Trump!!


Hey, That's a pretty cool cover photo there, you know.
I'm happy that you are back into writing your series. It's a good thing for you to practice, so don't stop:)))

I could not imagine if it happens to me, that feeling when I am excited coming home and only to find out that my lover is held captive by Java monsters. Great story and indeed an incredible entry for the weekend engagement. Keep writing more!