The Weekends of Cleanup...

A short post that began as a comment/reply to my bro @galenkp about his poaching, boiling and consumption of eggs on toast.

"Poached eggs on toast..."

Are they "poached " even when they are "in season?"


Krazzy loves em some poached eggs on toast. One of my faves when I do eat breakfast.

Back to trukkin' today (Sunday Sept. 24th) by noon. Kinda welcomed tho due to the 16-18 hour days of cleanup and repairs after the tree removal and hurricane destruction that put me months behind on my to do lists.



(North line fence damage)

Repairs to the fence are high on the list as this property is called the...

"Pookyville Cat Ranch..."

Not... "The PV Dog House!

Yeah, those dogs are "Inside" our gate greeting my Pooky @pooky-jax as she gets home from work at 5:30pm.

The fence is not to keep the ferals we care for in. It is to keep the predators (human and dogs) out.

On review of the security recordings, The neighbors neglected unattended dogs had two of the ferals treed. When you let your dogs run wild on others property We consider that abuse. Not all people are animal lovers and you are putting their lives at risk by letting them run free. We just yell at them to go home.



The freshly repainted/repaired cat sanctuary shed is where the other two of four that were not chased up a tree took shelter. So glad they used the rebuilt "Chicken Cat Coop". It was completely destroyed during that hurricane.





(Rebuilding the cat sanctuary sheds rooftop mounted Chicken Cat Coop)

I bought a three point hitch PTO driven stump grinder. I have 172 pine stumps to grind. Well at least 30 in close proximity to the buildings and driveways. I already hit one with my "Prime Movers" front steer tire. The stumps are hard to see with no tree attached to them. They gotta go...

Thanks as always to my fave Hivian. My brother from another @galenkp for his "Nuts" post that may have inspired my boiled eggs on some slightly burned brown and crunchy bread with velveeta cheese and slathered with some non poached, totally legal and within the law purchased Miracle Whip.

No Vegemite Please!


Luv Ya My Man.!! (no homo)

Sammi Vegemite (2) 2019-07-25.jpg

All photos belong to KrazzyTrukker™ except for the disgruntled eggs.

Thanks for Reading my post and please...

Keep on KrazzyTrukkin'

(Hauling the Stump Grinder Home)


I’m just getting rolling for the day but now I’m gonna have poached eggs. When I was growing up my mom always called them dropped eggs on toast, it wasn’t until I was about 25 or 27 did I realize that they were not called that if you try to order it at a breakfast joint lol. Fail ma, thanks for embarrassing me.

Good luck on cleaning up the debris! Grinding stumps sounds like a lot of work but it’s probably fun to use that grinder! Plus there’s thousands of nicely smelling pine chips around for a bit. Glad you didn’t have too much damage with the storm!

Good job! Vegemite is always good, tho

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