We went next door and ventured in [Theatral experience]

Last night, something very interesting happened. For the longest time, my boy and I had wanted to visit this cute little place right next door. From the outside, it looked like any other bar—colorful, with a nice chill environment and the perfect level of noise, the kind of place people go to talk to one another.


The sign at the door conveyed nothing of relevance, mentioning only the food and drinks they served. However, this time was different for us. We had had the most beautiful day, and we felt adventurous enough to ascend the stairs and say hi.


This place is called "El Piso," which means "The floor." Just that.

We went up the stairs and met with the guy at the desk. He explained that they do live theatre and dining experiences, all within this candid and well-cared-for environment.


The play was called "Aquí vivieron" or, as we say in Spanish, "Here they lived." It was improv, based on the experiences of someone in the audience.

They would basically ask the audience if anyone would like to participate, and if you did, they would ask you questions about your home. Naturally, some of us had many homes through our years, so for the purpose of the event, any home was a good home, as long as you could contribute real experiences that happened at that home you described.


My boy got all hyped and immediately rushed to the bar to get drinks (that's how he wiggles his tail).

We waited about 10 minutes, shared laughs, said dumb things about the future, and talked about how we want life to go our way. And then we got called.


We entered the room, a beautiful cozy dark atmosphere. We sat down, and while we were sipping on our drinks, one of the actors presented the play and explained what was ahead.



He asked the audience if anyone wanted to step forward and share past experiences, and one of the girls sitting raised her hand.



She described this small one-room apartment, with translucent blue curtains on the ninth floor, and for details, she would say "her place would always smell like freshly baked pudding."



Everything that came next was a mix of good acting, perhaps some bad acting as well, humor, and the real experiences we were all having thanks to these actors.



This was clearly something that meant a big deal for me, not necessarily for the play or the place. But it reminded me that, sometimes, the things you want and love the most are literally next door.


Thanks for reading me, Kiki✨

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