Hello, happy day as I told you yesterday today we went trekking, a good trail. The weather was delicious.

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Hello, happy day as I told you yesterday today we went trekking, a good trail. The weather was delicious. I loved this weekend day in the mountains by the sea. Even though a little rain accompanied us all the way, I really love days like this for trekking and of course, in good company so enjoy this day. In very good company so enjoy today's great adventure.


Well if you don't believe me here you can see my day and weather, I will go through all the seasons of the year in one day. Or also in one of my thousands of adventures, which I love and adore as I said in yesterday's post as well. I love the earth and preserve it to the fullest and so should each and every one of us.


I'm not lying, I can't offer you all the seasons of the year, because I didn't pass through the snow, but usually these lakes and seas are frozen. Almost always and in winter. Much more but in due time I will show you what the harsh Norwegian winter is like.


My friend tells me I'm freezing and my friend if it's only getting hot, it's not that bad ha ha ha jokes from friends and fellow trekkers. I am very hot, I don't know why I don't usually get very cold or suffer from the cold, I have no idea but as I said it is very nice to have an adventure in the rain. For many it's scary, for me it's normal.


Here we arrived at an unoccupied hut, there were no people inside and no sign of anyone until the door was open. So we decided to see. I imagine they must rent it out to tourists. For those of us who love nature or living away from people, I would live happily here without anyone bothering me and away from everyone. I can even make my own farm here. And I would live on that alone....


As I don't like photography, my respective greeting and sample of what I told you, lots of rain and tasty cold in this little adventure. I don't know what I will publish later but for sure it will be another great experience. I invite you to go out and enjoy life as it is very short and it is gone in no time, go out and eat the whole world but above all take care of your loved ones and nature.

Photos of my authorship.


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That's a really good adventure. your place is so nice.

 2 months ago  

Delicious weather meaning not cold? It looks cold though, and you have a big jacket on! I guess it's all subjective though. I'm from Australia so cold to me is probably not cold for you.

I like the look of that hit with the crass on the roof, not every day you see that I guess, (not here anyways).

I've always wanted to travel to Norway and have every intention to do so someday. I have a brother who lives in Finland (two actually, but only one is on hive) and I've been there and was booked to go there and Denmark last July but the pandemic ruined that. Fortunately I got the money back though.

Anyway, thanks for using THE WEEKEND community and I hope you'll do so for your weekend-related content in the future. :)