Weekend commitment #183 A letter to my true love.


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Happy Afternoon to all dear friends, I am pleased to share with you my entry in the weekend challenge #183 of this great community #WEEKEND EXPERIENCES, the theme chosen by me is: "You have to write and send a love letter to your true love this weekend and have not seen the person for six months nor will you for a further six months. What does your letter say and why? Remember to use your own photos."

WoW to write a love letter.... The last time I wrote a letter was a long time ago and it wasn't for love but for Santa Claus 😅 hehehehe to imagine that I haven't seen my love in 6 months and that I won't see him in the next 6 is devastating, at least for me it is like that since we are very close, but if this were the case I would start the letter greeting him and expressing that I hope he is well, I could keep him up to date with the events of my life and of our 2 little ones since children grow at a fast pace and their occurrences are quite a lot, it would be a very descriptive and extensive letter since I would not know how long it would take to answer, I would also express how much I miss him, I am really quite romantic, I would also express that I hope he comes back soon or that we meet where he is now, why do I say this? Because in the last decades the migration issue has been so notorious and this could be part of that reality 😅😂 I consider that a letter is better than nothing, however it falls short in expressing everything that one would like to tell in it, I feel that it is not so personal, that's why I think the advance of technology today is a wonder, I would end my letter by expressing how much I love him, since something that characterizes me is to tell my family and country of origin how much I love him, since something that characterizes me is to tell my family and country of origin how much I love him, since something that characterizes me is to tell my family and country of origin how much I love him, since something that characterizes me is to tell my family and country of origin how much I love him Husband I love him very much.

Thank you all for making it this far for your time, attention and support and I hope you are having a great weekend.


Until next time, don't forget to enjoy your weekend.



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Despite the advance of technology, I consider that a love letter is a beautiful and unique detail for those we love and miss, whether they are partners, friends or family. There are many things that we could tell them and with a more special character.

That's a lovely photo of you two lovebirds (。♡‿♡。). I understand you especially you two are very close like you are attach to rach other then all of sudden yoi will stop meeting, and 1 year at that. That would be really devastating. If it's me I'm not sure if I can take that.

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Keep Up the good work on Hive ♦️

It is a cute one (letter) but a bit childish... It could be more elegant and deep. We appreciate and love an exploration of human feelings and emotions.

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