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Welcome friends


Happy day to all dear friends, I am pleased to share with you my entry in the weekend challenge #201 of this great community #WEEKEND EXPERIENCES, the theme chosen by me is: "What's more valuable in your opinion, honesty or being true to yourself? Remember to use your own photos."

They say that man by nature is bad and although in part this is true, on the other hand each person can cultivate as many principles and values as possible either by his upbringing or simply because he decides to break patterns, in the personal for me both honesty and being true to oneself, are things that do not necessarily have to be on opposite sides of the scale, if the principles and personal values go hand in hand with what we know as honesty, although clearly this concept may vary according to the interpretation of each person, many will say that answer so boring .... but it is not something that I dislike because to state my way of thinking first is my right of expression and likewise is to be true to me, at present many may complain about how everything is going from bad to worse and this is a product of being true to them even though their way of acting goes against honesty, It is a selfish way of living, and although for them it is not wrong, if it is something that negatively affects the collective in general, a mantra that I like to apply personally is live and let live is to do what you want and that makes you happy, as long as it does not negatively affect the neighbor. ... it is very simple... But how hard it is for people to apply it, so as a conclusion I can only say that every day is an opportunity to look for a better version of ourselves in all aspects, small changes make big differences dear friends.

P.S.: I am very excited to see new places with my family so I take this opportunity to share with you some of my favorite pictures.

Thank you all for making it this far for your time, attention and support and I hope you are having a great weekend.


✨✨See you next time ✨✨



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Please don't advertise your post as being dual language, this is an English language community only. All dual language posts are muted. I almost muted this post as I saw your title advertised it as being dual language. (ES/US as per the image below.)


Hello my dear, sorry for that error in the title of the publication I did not notice, I know that the community is strictly in English language I will be more careful for next, thanks for letting me know have a nice day. @galenkp