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Well....hello there!

Its been already 21 days since I last shared something with you. It feels even longer than this! And talking about time, I agree with Galen saying that this year passed so so quickly! I feel the same and I wonder why is that? Is the same for everybody? Is it because nowadays we are always in a rush and sometimes we forget to just be and live the present? Just sayin'...
I'm being a bit nostalgic. I also feel I'm more sensible these days, no reason. I'm just tired! Thats why I didnt show up lately 😁.

It's Saturday night here, 22.00 by the time I'm writting this and maybe you'd expect to do something more 'alive' other than writting blogs? A night out, a movie, a walk, dinner, puzzles, time with friends, date with partner etc. Well, the truth is I'm already in bed,ready to sleep, since 9p.m. 😂 Everyone is sleeping (husband, child and cat) but me. We've had a hard full day and sometimes you just know its enough. We also need sleep, we, humans. And how important/healthy it is to have a good rest!

Anyways, the thing is I wanted to share something with you, since Monday 😅. I've had/have several blogs in my mind to put them down here but I felt I just can't. I'm to tired to write about places, recipes, educational stuff or healthy kids. When I blog, I'm all in but this time I feel so drained out.
I guess I needed to put down my thoughts and let my tiredness go!
Go away...let me be!
So I saw Galen's post and nailed it! I thought sharing a few photos of a beautiful coffee place from Wien would be nice. What do you think?


All right ,so to be honest,besides feeling tired and being involved in day by day chores and to do lists, I have another reason I didnt post these last weeks.
Or more precisely, I guess this is the reason I'm being tired?😄 Joking aside (and yet that's the truth), two weeks ago I had two trips, very appropiate in time, but far away considering distances. And this plus mom life really got me into this mood of...feeling weirdly tired.

Two weekends ago (or three???) I was in Wien again. See? Time! just flies!
We've had only a day to spend it here, in Wien. But it was enough! There was some walking but we chose to relax and enjoy the viennese mood 😂. We simply walked along the popular streets of the city , had dinner at a viennese restaurant (I mean real viennese food) and had coffee at Sacher.



Do you know Sacher what is about?

Sachertorte anyone??

Sachertorte is a chocolate cake, or torte, of Austrian origin invented by Franz Sacher, supposedly in 1832 for Prince Metternich in Vienna.
It's one of the most famous Viennese culinary specialties you can taste in Vienna.


The cake consists of a dense chocolate cake with a thin layer of apricot jam in between two halves, coated in dark chocolate icing on the top and sides. It is traditionally served with unsweetened whipped cream.

Read more about it on Wiki source

Café Sacher Wien

This is the place I was a few weekends ago. Sorry Galen, this weekend wasnt too promising for us 😄 but maybe tmr we'll do something to equilibrate the situation. 😁

In the weekend experiences community, you'll find more on this weekend's topics in case you want to share something appropiate.

Going back to the Café place in Wien, it's outstanding! The style, the vibe!
Not to mention we waited 30 min to get a table, at 8 p.m??? What the heck? You could see the line from more then 100 meters. There were more about 30 people waiting to get in.
I thought we dont have a chance but then we saw it goes pretty fast for how things appeared to be.


Original Sacher Cuvée Brut
Viennese Cappucino

This is what I had. It costs 29€.
I enjoyed everything! 💗☕️🥮🥂
This place is super classy and chic.
But that cappuccino was insanely delicious! (Coming from me, who started to drink coffee in her 30's) 🥴🙄😁🤣 What I've missed Lol!






If I had to say, I was super happy with what I've got! ThaT cappuccino was sooo soooo good! I had what I had because I wanted the classic, the original.
And from the menu, those three were authentic enough.

Do you know this photo? I adore it! Thats me folks, having that cake and cappuccino and champagne!!!! 🤣

I regret nothing!


This is me though! But I felt in love with the cat photo long long time ago, 13 yrs or so. I'm using it quite often as a meme. It makes my day brighter! I hope u'll enjoy it too!


Have a lovely week ahead, everyone! 💗

P.S. I already feel a bit better, after writting this!
It worked! Sometimes, writting down our own thoughts it helps with getting back on track.....


I'm sorry you're so tired but I hope whatever caused this fatigue is useful. We missed you, I'm sure you'll get many confirmations from your readers.

Travel to Vienna! Very nice, I think you stayed a little too short though. I'm a fan of three days, or rather, three nights. I usually get enough and start to get homesick...

The famous Viennese cappuccino. Years ago I liked it too, made here of course, and probably far from the flavor of the original. I find it too sweet, though.

I'm so glad you're back to your travel blogs, almost as beautiful as your culinary ones.

A nice coincidence, I think we both posted almost simultaneously.

I hope you can get the fatigue out of you as soon as possible. Wishing you a nice rest of the weekend!

Yes, I've read your post as soon I saw your comment! I was tired for not a particular reason. Just day by day life with its challenges and chores. And kids.

We were in Wien only for one day, but from there we went to another city in Austria, Hallstatt. Thats why we stayed so shortly but it was ok. Didnt really to be too short though I would have enjoyed visiting Schonbrun Palace one more time.

This wasnt sweet. I didnt feel to be sweet, nor I added sugar. I dont usually put sugar in my coffee, only sometimes. But I dont drink coffee everyday.

Thank you for always encourage me with writting, I'll do my best to be consistent here and cherish moments with you, my online hive friends.

I'm starting to be much better today, thank you. How are u?

I am still amazed by this coincidence. A difference of three minutes!

That's right, everyday life is getting more exhausting and stressful, I think you can understand how it is for me, who has two months until I turn 70.

You write very well and you see that what I said is true.... that you'll have proof. I remember in the past you thought my posts were good, I felt some admiration (but maybe I misunderstood, who knows). Now I declare with all sincerity and I hope you believe me... You write now much better, more interesting, more beautifully than I did in my better days.

I congratulate you, I am glad and I ask you to continue. First of all for you and your pleasure!

Thanks for asking... I've had a tough year and still don't see an improvement. Every year's end I hoped the next one would be better. I hope this time too.

Beyond everything, life is beautiful and we should enjoy it!

If I'm thinking deeply, yes. Its a cutd coincidence, if I can say so.

Thank you for all your encouragemnt words, I do appreciate it. Thank you for your critical "spirit", I'm sure you are sincere AND I'm sure you have a good background and experience with writting/reading and make such observations. Thank you. I'm glad I'm better at this.

And yes, I said that and I was sincere too. Why wouldn't I? Your posts always get me thinking at life. Sometimes I even get nostalgic by reading your posts.
Yes, it was admiration. It still is.

70 its a huge deal, I really wish you in advance a Happy Birthday and a good life ahead, with your family. Thats what matter the most: family.

I'm sorry to hear your year isnt the better. I think many of us didnt, for some reason. I hope for you to have the year you're waiting for, I really do!

And thank you for your lovely comment.

Thats what matter the most: family.

This is also my belief.
Thank you too for your lovely reply!

My pleasure.

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Thank you for tagging us on your recent Cafe Stop.
What an amazing setting that is!
Your photos are gorgeous, and we trust that you had an amazing time.
Be sure to pop by us at any time.
Have a great weekend:)

Add a he-3.jpg

All images belong to millycf1976, founder of Cinnamon Cup Coffee

Hey! Thank you for your lovely comment, Milly. This cofe place was really beautiful. I really loved it. And I'll surely pop up in there as I want to write a few lines about my experience drinking coffee and how all of a sudden, I only began to love it in my 30's. Before this, I've only had 10 coffes in my whole life. haha
Life, isnt it?

Sending hugs. 😍

Loki-Floki says hi too!😻 it just happen to be right here and he said he's gonna write something soon. Appearently, he has some frustrations to get out and that need be said. Hahah

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My pleasure! I hope it was enjoyed!

It sure was. 😁

Thanks, I'm glad if so!

Same feeling of tiredness i am feeling these days. But I haven't travelled that much. Moreover, this year passed like a bus rushing through the traffic quickly.
Sachertorte is calling me to eat it but my Taste buds cannot go there.
What a beautiful weekend you had. Although you were tired.

Thank you! I hope you feel better now. Cause I do. Finally, I can say I began to regain my strenght and energy back.

The chocolate cake makes me feel alive today. I am craving for it. The store looks expensive. Hehe. I just love everything in there and I bet you enjoy your moment. Keep safe.

Thank you my darling. This cafe also have a restaurant, that is super expensive but I dont see why. Didnt try it though hahaa

Your post makes me feel sad that I've been in Wien last year but didn't try out any cafe, haha!

Hey hey! 😍
I also wanted to go to the most famous cafe here in Wien but didnt have the time. Maybe next time :D
Same for you, I guess. There's always a next time, someday, somehow.

I agree with you. writing makes you feel better

One hundred procent! 💯

I so agree with you too, time flies really fast. I feel like it is only yesterday when we celebrate New Year and now we're already on October. Everything is moving fast now

Anyways the cafe looks like well live by a lot of people considering how many people was line up. And really, you waited that long. Gosh, well, if this chocolate cake is waiting for me then I think i can also do that much hehe.

Hahaa! I felt the same! I wanted to try their original cake here in Wien and this was possible only this time, at that hour. So we decided its worth the waiting. But I didnt regret it in the end. Everything was amazing and super tasty!

So you'll buy them again for sure (≧▽≦)

For sure!

Nice to see you out here again! I understand the feeling of being sometimes "too busy" to write but actually to drained. Writing should be fun and it is okay to take a break sometimes! And it is nice that you posted a picture of yourself! You look so good! You should share your face more often!

Thank you my darling! You're such a sweetie, like always! Thanks for the encouragement ❤️ and your compliment! I'll see what I can do with that :p

Everything looks amazing, from the tent to the coffee and cake. A divine thing.

I hope you are more rested. Writing is wonderful therapy and always helps so much. I can't believe you haven't had coffee before 🙈.

Cheers 🤗

I have had coffee before this one. I was just saying that I didnt enjoy drinking coffee before turning 30.
I just didnt like the taste, but now I do. ☕️

Thank you for stopping by, indeed everything here looks amazing. :D I liked it too. A lot!

Its been already 21 days since I last shared something with you.

I know that time is fast and that sometimes one sinks a little in the thoughts, in the wheel of life... but don't stop posting, you do it beautifully.


Besides... with all this that I am looking at, and that you have enjoyed... I look at life full of colours and I am filled with a cosmic energy.

Thank you, appreciate the encouragement! Also your lovely words! 😍

You are welcome, it has been a pleasure 👏

Thank you, appreciate it.

Congrats on being featured in the #weekend-engagement topic for the week!
If not for @galenkp, I would not have gotten the opportunity to see this post.
What a fancy cafe you are in! Hopefully I get to visit it someday as well 😊

Thank you kindly for stopping by!! And same for you, you too were mentioned in there 😋 :).
And yes, This was fancy! Not being a coffee lover before, I dont have to many coffee places in mind cause I didnt look for them but this is something to remember in a long time. Everything was superlative.

Thank you too!

Compared to your superlative cafe, my coffeeshop definitely feels mediocre! 😅

Well, it doesnt matter too much. Its about the moment. 😊

Yeah you're absolutely right! ✌️

I totally understand how you felt. That cake looks decadent and yummy. I bet the capuccino was so good you had to say it more than once. I was a late starter with really enjoying coffee as well but I most certainly enjoy a good capuccino. I can imagine that you were totally "in the moment" while at Sacher.
These are the nice moment to savour. Nice that you shared it with us.

Congratulations for being of the top 3 of the Weekend experience.

I mostly enjoy cappuccino. Or any coffee that has milk or something in it. I don't like black cofe. This I dont enjoy it. haha

And yes, This was one of those moments where you enjoy life.

Thank you for your lovely comment! appreciate it!😍

I am the same I cannot drink black coffee but I will not refuse a good capuccino or even cafe au lait.

Same for me. My favorite cafe shop is called Tucano and I think I'm an hour away of buying my favorite coffee 🙈😂. I'm around this place at the moment and I'm thinking to have a treat. Its called Creme Brulle Coffee. 😋😋☕️☕️

haha - if you do drop by -enjoy!!! 😂

yeaahh hi at last!:))
beauty in a beautiful place;)
it's not a story about Caleb, but ok, thanks, this place is so nice that it's worth of a post about it;))

and yes - this year flies SUPER fast!

Hi there! 😍