Love is an Act of Endless Forgiveness: A Habit of Tender Looks

Love is the only way to make the world a better place to live. It creates peace out of war. It is a force that permeates every aspect of our life. It is often said that true love requires forgiveness and a tender gaze that transcends ephemeral moments. In this blog, we delve towards a profound understanding of the quote by Peter Ustinov that "Love is an act of forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit." and also discussed it here on how I applied this in my life.


Nurturing An Act of Endless Forgiveness

When I am truly in love with someone, I have to accept her flaws and imperfections. As I believe that nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, and Love necessitates an act of endless forgiveness. Forgiveness becomes an edge stone of love as We traverse ups and downs on the narrow road of a relationship. Whether it is a friendship or an intimate relationship, true love thrives along with forgiveness for mistakes, imperfections, and misunderstandings.


For me, to cultivate endless forgiveness, I have to let go of the judgment by putting myself into the shoes of someone I love. I have to see to it their struggles, fears, and their motivations. Moreover, learning to forgive myself is also important as it paves the way to forgiveness to others. Empathy about their humanity gives us the strength to forgive them continually.


A Tender Look's Power

Even a single glance has the power to convey warmth and acceptance like no other. As described in the quote, it is not just an ephemeral moment, but a habit that becomes entrenched in a relationship. A tender look signifies an absolute understanding and acceptance of my beloved essence. This habit nurtures a deep connection of the relationship's sanctuary of trust.


Tender look also is an art that requires patience, practice, and a desire to connect emotionally with our loved ones. It is a way of conveying a message without even telling it. A message that signifies contentment, acknowledgment, and appreciation towards our loved ones. This habit becomes entrenched in the relationship, and it will spread a sense of safety and reassurance, fostering an environment where love can blossom.


As I reflect on this quote " Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit" by Peter Ustinov, I realize the truth that love is a commitment, requiring kindness and understanding, and also a willingness to forgive. Through the art of tender look, relationships nourish, and love flourishes. So we must have to embody the act of forgiveness and foster the tenderness of gaze that unites souls and deepens connections.


My thanks to Mr. Peter Ustinov for his wonderful quote that embodied love, and forgiveness, and enlightened us on how to grow love and nourished relationships. My thanks also to Mr. @galenkp for giving me the chance to share my thoughts and ideas and my application of them to my life. This is my blog for Weekend-engagement Topic 171.

Have a great day everyone.


Yes, if there is love there's peace. If you love someone you respect forgive and forget and that's the element of a healthy relationship. Well, I know how much you love your family @mrexperienciado , and may your love endureth forever and ever.

Thank you so much @dehai for such kind words. And you are right that a relationship is nourished by love respect, and forgiveness.

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A beautiful quote that everyone should ponder and apply our daily lifes with others. As what the priest said yesterday he asked to all of us,what is easier to do to love or to forgive? Hehehe now I learn to forgive to my brothers and sisters.

Yeah, to love is to forgive. Wherever we go, if love exists, peace exists. And thus, forgiving means loving, and loving carries peace.


Your post made me think about a recent conference that I assisted to, where the author talked about happiness, how is this a choice. What you say in your post is pretty much a skill that could help to build a happy life each day and each moment of your life. Thanks a lot for sharing!

You're welcome. Thank you also for your kind words and appreciation. Sharing is free as it is a desire to help, to create a better world where everyone benefits from the knowledge and skills that may be helpful to each life. That's why I always share.
Thank you for taking the time to read, and have a great day.

Learning to forgive myself is also important as it paves the way to forgiveness to others

I learned this too after many mistakes I have done to myself. To let go and forgive others, we have to forgive and love ourselves first.

Yeah, you are right. And it is called self-love.

Saludos amigo, Perdonar es la clave de mantener una vida saludable

Thank you very much for your appreciation. Have a great day.

Moreover, learning to forgive myself is also important as it paves the way to forgiveness to others. Empathy about their humanity gives us the strength to forgive them continually.
-Yes,Sir that's true we should learn to forgive ourselves first and this will lead us to forgive others.Thanks for sharing❤️

You're welcome.
Thank you also for stopping by and reading my blog.
Sharing is blessing.

love begets love @mrexperienciado . God bless ninyo mam

Thank you so much @crownrich. Have a great day.

A loving father with a wonderful family!

Thank you for the compliment @thecuriousseuss .

What a lovely photo of one happy family, simple yet full of happiness, love it! I can see love in here. The kind of love na di masisira ng kahit ano pa man.

You are right @ruffatotmeee. Stay strong lang talaga kahit maraming problema at pagsubok sa buhay

Such a heartwarming post. Thanks for sharing.

You're welcome. Thank you also for the compliment.

That's what a true love means. What a thoughtful words from you. Your wife is lucky to have you.

Thank you for the compliment ma'am.