My forever magical outfit ❣️❣️

Yeepee💃💃 it's another weekend and it's time to pour out sincere thoughts and feelings🤩

Did I have any difficulty in choosing a topic for the weekend 🤔🙄 hell no 😅 you know why🤷 that's because, this one topic didn't just steal my attention but I also caught myself drooling over the topic 🙈🙈

Now, grab a seat, sit tight, take a chill pill
,relax and read 😘😘

The forever outfit
If you had to wear the same outfit every day for the rest of your life what would you choose and why? Bonus points for showing us your photos wearing it.

Photo by me

When was the last time you heard the word freedom🙄 anyway, don't stress your brain cos you just read it now🤪🤣

I love being free in whatever I wear. Be it hair, clothes, footwear, anything at all. I just love my freedom🥰


I love wearing shorts. I feel so free in it. I can sit or lie down in any position of my choice when I'm in shorts. I don't get to deal with sit properly you are a woman lol. I just have this feeling of relaxation in me when I'm in shorts.

Photo by me

Free and cropped tops are not exempted from the outfit that gives me relaxation and comfort. There's one magical thing free top does to me. It keeps my body refreshed and unaffected by sweat especially during hot and sunny days.

I don't have to go on and on talking and explaining my magical forever wear but this is just me briefly pouring my heart 🥰

Thanks for visiting my blog 🥰 and thanks for reading 😘 I appreciate ❣️❣️

All Images by me


I definitely enjoy being free and comfortable in my outfits too.
Thanks for sharing

Thanks for reading 😘

Being free is so cool


The original #weekend-engagement concept by @galenkp featured in the

Image belongs to @galenkp

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