Weekend Experiences : Weekend Relaxing at Gegarang Resto

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Hello Weekend Experiences friends, may God always bless you all. I'm so glad I can come back to share posts about the weekend.

On weekends, we have more free time to relax and travel. For refreshment, it seems that going around the city of Takengon will be better for our psychological health.

If we compare it to the past in the 1950s, 1960s, or 1970s, it would seem difficult for me to enjoy free time. Due to the era in which wars broke out in Indonesia, military aggression headed for Aceh and bloodshed occurred in the mountainous region of Gayo.

And maybe, I won't even be able to go to Takengon, because there are no access roads and vehicles to get here. One, the only access vehicles at that time were elephants and bicycles, but it was impossible for me to own one of those vehicles.

So, that era would be a catastrophe filled with frenzied wars, if possible even I wouldn't want to live then. I enjoy the current era and with all the access that allows me to go to one of the restaurants in Takengon on holidays.

This trip can be passed from Paya Tumpi, from Yos Sudarso street, walk to the right, it is about 3 kilometers from Paya Ilang Terminal, Takengon. I headed to Gegarang Resto which is Jl. Umang, Tansaril, Bebesen Central Aceh, Takengon.

Exactly this location is around the garden, a little far from the city center. You will drive for 20 minutes if you leave downtown Takengon, while enjoying the busy streets.

Then if we drive at maximum speed, it is also not possible in areas with heavy traffic and roads that are not that wide. After going through all of that, we will finally arrive at a cool restaurant, located on the right side of the road.

If you use Google maps, then it's not difficult to find the restaurant from the Google site. A board and banner with the words Gegarang Resto can be seen clearly displayed at the main entrance.

At the entrance, they have a large parking area for cars and motorbikes, it will be safer and more comfortable for visitors. This restaurant, which was developed with natural and park concepts, offers a sensation of natural scenery and air.

It's also interesting that this restaurant is surrounded by a fish pond with bright and cool water. Indeed, because this is a mountainous area, the water here is also very cool and gives a cool sensation when we wash our faces or hands.

A number of tables and chairs are also provided in an open space at the front of the restaurant, behind the restaurant there are also a number of huts and cross-legged chairs which are more comfortable for relaxing. Huts and seats with open areas like this provide comfort, enjoy your meal while enjoying the nature around the restaurant.

A number of flower gardens and green leafy plants have made this area a go green area which adds to the beauty and provides a comfortable sensation to relax. Indeed, beautiful nature always provides the transfer of values that strengthen the soul, calm and relieve stress.

Then, visitors can also see a number of fish in the pond area. Jumbo-sized fish with red and orange colors fill the pond area, apparently these are tilapia, tilapia and goldfish.

In this restaurant we can enjoy a number of food and drink menus, ranging from vegetables to meat menus. They also specifically provide a menu of Gayo specialties, such as stir-fried pumpkin leaves and spicy and sour tilapia dishes.

If asked to choose, I enjoy the current era more, the progress of time and civilization of life which makes it much easier to access to enjoy beauty, peace, tranquility and local wisdom which is full of religious and cultural values.

I am very happy to be able to share this article with you, I hope you like my weekend story. I appreciate your support and empathy for my posts ♥️

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