A stroll through Morro-Cabaña on the occasion of the international book fair in Havana. 🇨🇺

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Greetings friends and community members. I hope you all had an excellent weekend. As for me, I can say that I did, because yesterday, Sunday, I went for a walk around the San Carlos de La Cabaña Fortress in Havana, a historic place that also hosts the International Book Fair every year.

Just yesterday, Sunday was the last day of this fair, and after several years without attending these events, I decided to go for a walk around the place, to tour the majestic space of the Fortress and breathe the atmosphere of the event of the month in Havana.

In this experience I was able to enjoy the Morro-Cabaña environment itself, walking through its streets and admiring its incredible colonial architecture that transported me to historical times; while breathing the friendly atmosphere of the cheerful crowd walking around the place in search of books, or simply sharing with family and friends and taking the opportunity to contemplate the beautiful views of the Bay of Havana and the sea that can be obtained from its viewpoints.

It was undoubtedly a pleasant experience that will remain in my memory like so many other times, and that made this weekend a different occasion.

All images are my own, captured with the camera of my Samsung Galaxy A7 cell phone.

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