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Greetings friends and community members. I hope you all had a great weekend. For my part this Saturday was a different day, because in the afternoon I decided to take a trip to nature, to relax my mind and enjoy the wonderful nature with its landscapes and curiosities.

So I went for a tour of the coastal highlands north of East Havana, taking advantage of my geological and landscape knowledge to understand the environment that my eyes were contemplating.

To do so, I invited some friends, and starting from my house, we undertook a 3-kilometer hike to reach the top of Loma San Pedro, a natural viewpoint in Alamar, from whose surface there is an excellent panoramic view of the surrounding landscapes. There I explained to them the nature of the elevation with more than 50 meters above sea level, whose summit in another time was the bottom of an ancient sea, testimony of which are the rocks that compose it (limestone) and some marine fossils like a rest of marine star (echinoderm) that I found in its surface and that I brought to donate to the museum of the Institute of Geology and Paleontology.

From there we continued on our way and went to the area of the Cojimar river canyon, a natural deep cut in the coastal elevations produced by the erosion of the Cojimar river in the rising massif. As these heights rose, the river deepened its erosion to create a canyon bounded by steep walls. From the top of the canyon, we were delighted with the beauty of the river landscape and the exuberant green vegetation.

From here we continued on to the mouth of the river, at Boca de Cojimar, where the river flows into the open sea. On its banks are located some boats that carry out fishing activities. And after all this, we were able to contemplate a beautiful sunset, in which the setting sun gave us a beautiful spectacle to end the day.

It was a very nice weekend experience in contact with nature and its wonders.

All images are my own, captured with the camera of my Samsung Galaxy A7 cell phone.

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Prelepa priroda. Svaka cast za fotografije!

Dear friend, it is good you shared your Saturday experience with us.