[WE-182] To Spend Last Weekend With My Family and Our Cat


I'm always excited to be with my three mothers and our cats. Waking up knowing that we are still together even though I am an adult now is what makes me look forward to the new day. It's a new day, it's a new life, and it's an amazing time to make another memory with them. Although I've been with my three mothers for almost 30 years now, I am still the happiest whenever I'm with them. I'll never get tired of it.

Whenever I think of having a vacation somewhere, just the thought that they will not be with me makes me feel unexcited. Well, it's really my dream to have a vacation somewhere, but I want it with my Mommy Flor, Mama Ading, and Mommy Ding. It'll be more exciting if I'm with them. Even if I have to be with Mommy Flor all the time because I'm her human cane, that's just okay with me, it's more fun if its with them.

Now, if ever I learn that I only have one weekend to spend, I'll spend that, no doubt, with my three mothers. We can enjoy it for two days and make the most of it. Although I want to choose having a vacation, but, just getting there to the location, will eat up most of our time so I don't like that, and at the same time, we can't just leave our cats at home, so I will just bring them to the town plaza. Every second is important, so I will choose the place near us. It's a pretty place where we can enjoy the beautiful scenery, go on a food trip, and buy anything my oldies want. Well, this is for day one.

You see, there is a franchise of Chowking in Town Plaza, so I will bring them here and order chao pan, maybe their lauriat, siopao, and halo-halo. those kinds of foods that we love to enjoy. I mean, a food trip is also the perfect thing to do during the weekend. We can also eat on this spot and take a lot of selfies, adding them to our collection of memories. It'll be fun. Mommy F and I are kind of into selfies, so we'll drag Mommy D and Mama Ading and force them to take groupies with us. We will fill my phone's storage with our photographs.

Now, on the next day, I will just stay at home with them, just like on my normal days. And the reason I chose to spend time at home was because of our cats. I will still spend my time with my three mothers, but I will also spend it with our pets.

They are important to me too, you know. I'm like their aunt, who feeds them every day, and I'm already attached to them. I'll talk to them too, and maybe give them a reminder to take care of their hoomans. I'll treat them too with delicious foods, like their favorite fish and rice. I'm just wondering if they'll miss me too, if ever. Anyhow, I will surely give them love and attention because I love them.

This will be the best weekend ever even though it is also my last.



I'm getting emotional sis @ruffatotmeee after I saw the cats. Our first cat brought home died early. And you're story seems to be fun po 🥰🥰

Ehhh, anlaaa why o why?

A great weekend with your three mothers. Absolutely, they will feel so happy including your cats even though they can't express it than their own way of being happy. Of course, your cats will miss you so much when they do not see you around them again.

Hehe, we will create more memories together while doing this and while also having our bonding time woth cats.

Oh the cats are so cute. The little kitten among the adults is my favorite, just the perfect fun size. They would surely miss you if you left them for a period of time :)

A great choice to spend the weekend with your 3 mothers and going somewhere close by to have a bonding experience. Enjoy what's left of your Sunday.

Hehe, right? So tiny but can make their hooman get a headache because of their craziness haha.

They'll have a hard time too traveling so this is a best choice ✨🤩

Cats are cute lovely creatures. Today I also spent a little time with cats( I think it was not with cats but yeah you can say that in observing cats.)
Spending time with family is like therapy. It's good that you choose to spend weekend with your mothers and cats. Going out will eat up much time.

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Cute and naughty too, but we can tolerate the naughtiness haha.

I so agree with you, especially with the satisfaction I'll gey if I saw rhat they really enjoy their time with me.

Thank you for ✨

Me too with my puppies.

Puppies are the best too!

spending with love ones, human or pets alike, is like something that can't be bought in expensive ways. it gives joy and fulfillment that you alone can experience. hoping one day, I can invite you to an escapade outside your comfort zone. think of me as a friend from now on.😀

Right, and it's not just mr who's happy in thay bonding time but the whole family and our cat too hehe. Thank you so much naman 🤩✨

Nku ruffa beke di ka mag asawa nyan ha kaka alaga nila, joke hehehe. Pero di biro ang buhay mag asawa sinasabi ko syo.

Ang cutey nmn ng mga alaga mong cats, buhay hayahay😁...

Hahaha, natumbok mo, wala ako sa mood mag asawa ee ahahaha. Kaya okau lang ako muna gaalaga sa kanila haha

Dibaaa, kain tulog lanh gawa ng mga yan haha

Diba? Haiztt di ko na pwede ibalik ang panahon at sapat na din sa akin mga anak ko. Hirap makisama sa totoo lng, kakastress. Better single na lng at least may family ka nmn diyan na nagpapasaya sayo lgi.

Gnyan tlga pg mga olds na kain tulog na lng ksi tapos na sila sa obligasyon nila nong kabataan pa nila. Ayan aftershock na nmn dito😔..