[WE136] Respecting the much deserved

Dear Hivers,
Hope you all are doing great! So recently I came across this amazing community named Weekend Experiences where you can share the happy/ sad/ exciting things that you did on this weekend. While I was still scrolling I came to know about this contest which is carried on by @galenkp and so I decided to take part in it. I am to answer this:

Respectful weekend
Name a single person you respect in real life or on the blockchain and explain why - (Your parents and religious figures are excluded). Write a post of at least 250 words - Use images you took yourself if possible. DON'T tag multiple Hive users!

Past few weeks my sister, Kavita, has been pursuing me to visit this café which I was very rigid about not going to. I am a coffee lover and I just can’t take anything in my mouth in the name of coffee. It not only disrespects the heavenly beverage but also disgusts you. If anyone reading this is a coffee lover like me then they definitely can relate to what I am saying. Well, if you are an elder sister you have to agree to what your younger sibling is saying, you don’t have a choice. LOL.

We visited this place which is around a mile from our place and in no time we reached there. I must say that the interior was really fantastic. This place had cool vibes, good location and was comfortable, exactly how I liked it. This café was in an open space and looked really huge and could store around 100 people or even more. We sat and placed our orders. As I looked around I could see a crowd of youngsters generally with their group of friends, they looked happy and playful.

Image Source

Image Source

As I was getting more engulfed in the playful activities of these kids our order arrived. I had ordered a plate of cheese sandwich with a cup of cappuccino for myself and my sister ordered a pastry with an oreo shake. As soon as I took a sip of the coffee I wanted to throw it up somewhere. Honestly that was the worst coffee I had any time soon. The sandwich was good but with a very heavy heart I had to gulp that coffee down because I don’t believe in wasting food just because I don't like it .

My mood was ruined with the final taste of that coffee I had on my palate. We then went to the cash counter for payment, the owner of the café seemed to be humble and asked me “Madam, how did you like it?”

Respecting him for his age I did not want to answer the question but getting that absurd look on my face he asked again and at that moment I could not control my words and said “Sir, with due respect for you and your business I am at a loss of words. I haven’t tasted any coffee as pathetic as this. Coffee has its own mesmerizing flavor which when gulped down can reach directly to the heart. But this coffee was too sweet to reach the heart, the flavor itself was lost and it got stuck in my food pipe due to extra sweetness. But the pastries and sandwiches were good. Thank you” and with this said we left the place.

Two days later to my surprise I received a message on my phone which stated:

“Dear Ms. Shreya Sah, sorry to have disturbed you but we have made a few improvisations in our coffee. We will be obliged if you could pay us a visit.
Best regards,
Team Brightend Café Corner”

And without any further delay I went there and tasted the coffee again. It wasn't exactly how I loved it but they had improved a lot. It tasted way better than the last time. I sat with the owner and asked him “You get a lot of young people here who love what you serve to them so why did you call me again to taste your coffee. You guys are already making a lot of money.”

To this he said “Exactly, 90% of customers we serve are young, below 20 or 25. They like whatever is served to them, most of the time, because they haven’t seen the rest of the world, they don’t know many flavors. So when you complained about the coffee it was my responsibility not only as the owner of the café but also as the father, to teach my son to value improvisations in life. That it is never too late to improve and accept the change for the better.” I bid him goodbye and left the place with a lifelong lesson.

Image Source

That elderly man that day earned the respect not only because he was running a decent café but also because he was passing on really great values to the younger generations of his family. I got this message clearly imprinted in my head that ‘It’s never too late to refine and revive’.

This is it guys hope you all enjoyed reading. Thank you and Love you all. ❤️❤️


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Wow, an embarrassing position to have to accept something out of courtesy. Coffee is a delight for many of us and its taking has its secrets, I was really embarrassed by what you said to the Lord but sincerity gave all the protagonists of this story a nutritious and aromatic
learning. excellent experience greetings 💕 we read next weekend with @galenkp