A Expensively Spent Weekend With Some Watermelons: A Weekend Adventure!

Well Hello There Weekend Adventurers!

Weekends Are For Adventures!

Usually my weekends are filled with adventures and as much as I do include unboxing as adventures I think it's pulling more to the side of spending! A spending weekend! Well more so a spendy week and unboxing what I spent for during the week!

I can't buy anything more! I've over spent my budget and I kind of broke it now! Nothing that can't be repaired right!

Once again the heat was and still is pounding away at us! I went to swim in the neighbours pool both Saturday and Sunday! Under orders from the neighbour! Glad I did go though! It was hella fun!

Decided To Share The Excitement!

Now I don't know many people who have the mindset to no open the stuff they receive via courier! I mean all of us knows what it is, (I mean when you order a packet you know what it contains right.) Well I really wanted to enjoy this unboxing with The Betty! No apparent reason for that but I mean I was excited!

Oh the headset I added into the photo because it's sort of part of everything but also not but you'll see later on!


It's not like we wanted to do anything other than sit and cool down anyways!

Really I'm not joking when I say the heat is pounding away at us!

In all honesty I think The Betty was far more excited about my packets than I was! Perhaps because she doesn't know what they contain or rather how what it contains looks like.

At the end she was super stoked! In two of the packets we received small packets of Coco Pops! Something I haven't eaten in years! We both agreed that they aren't as chocolaty as they always use to be!


Aaahhh Yes! Let The Gaming Begin!

Okay well let's not get ahead of ourselves right!

I finally got everything I wanted!

I decided to get me the stuff I want, just for once in life I decided "Fuck It" I'm going to spoil myself with the best for me and not the second best!

I bought myself a mouse, a keyboard, an extension cord for my headset, the headset of-course and I bought myself a gigantic mouse pad with the world map printed on it.

There's my problem, I got the wrong mousepad. I ordered the new and improved one that has brighter colours and more detail on the map. I paid more for that one and they ended up sending me one of the old ones! Of that I am a little upset because I have a feeling I'm not going to get what I ordered! I asked for an exchange.

Still happy though!


It's Starting To Look Like What It Is!

Well what exactly is it supposed to look like?

A Gaming Setup!

Well I am content with it so far! The only issue I have is that the RGB lights on the computer doesn't work anymore or rather the remote's batteries are dead so I have to go out and get some fresh ones!

Overall I like it so far!


Getting Things Done In The Pounding Heat!

Well we couldn't just sit around and watch everything get done for us right? Heat or no heat things still need to go on and happen!

Although, I wont say that we were overly fond about everything!

While I was busy with the car, (Yes I'm still busy it's a slow and tedious process and I'm working around all the kinks.) Actually I would have been done by now if I didn't run out of contact glue! So that was my downfall!

On the other hand I want it to be as perfect as it can be!

I'm glad The Betty decided to chill with me outside in the shade, not that the shade helped much with the heat!

Oh she pulled a face and didn't want me showing it here! She looked cute though, just like this cute face!


Chilling Like The Melons!

Oh this was a pleasant pleasure!

For the last three to four weeks if not longer we were in search for Watermelons! But we found a whole bunch, the problem was the prices they had tagged on them! R100 for a Watermelon? Like five dollars! It's absurd!

We ended up scoring this one for R40 more than half the price of the others we found!

I have to say it couldn't have come at a better time than when the heat wave struck us! Oh as I am writing this up the weather is acting up outside and I'm seeing clouds pushing together! Fuck I hope this will break the most of the heat we have!


Taking A Dive Into My Childhood!

IF I can say anything at all it would be that I was privileged as a child! I really was!

We have this thing in our town called "Boere Mark" and translating it directly it means "Farmer's Market" now this has been something that has been around since I can remember!

When I was a young lad and I mean young! Probably like 20 years ago! There was a old guy selling these lead soldiers at the "Boere Mark" but back then it was only the first Saturday of every month and every month I dragged my parents there to get some soldiers for my army!

My mother brought me these the other day and I finally got around to checking them out!

This is just a fraction of what I had and what I have left! I hope I have all those left that I can remember bringing to the farm.


As I said I had plenty of these little lead soldiers!

I fell inlove with them after watching the movie The Patriot.

Well thinking back now I must have crippled my parents finances with these little lead soldiers because even back in the day they were about R2 which would have been around 0.3 dollars back in the day. Fucking expensive! Since you didn't buy just one you bought a whole bunch or well I always wanted to buy a whole bunch!

I wonder what happened to the uncle.


Oh the horses were by far the coolest of the bunch! Still are aswell!

The cool thing about it was that there was a bunch of nations! The French, The Americans, The British, The Belgians and many more! He even had stuff of the local wars the were fought in our country. The British, The Boere and the Zulus!

I use to rock out with these little leaded soldiers!

Now I really wish I took better care of them!


The Frustration Got Too Much!

I did it, I went out and bought myself a cheap phone that can take Google Play!

Never in my life will I ever support Huawei again! My phone was basically like a web browser full of adds! Want to take a photo? No you have to wait fifteen seconds to watch an add! Want to open messenger, no you have to wait fifteen seconds to watch an add!

Ridiculous! All because the Americans are scared of the chinese spying on them, but what those dumb shits don't realize is that Apple, Samsung and all the other brand name phones also gets produced in China! THE FUCK?

Selling the other piece of shit!


A Little Bonus For Beauty!

The Betty told me that there was a bumble bee on the plant outside and at first I was like okay? What exactly is the point?

Well the point is that it's a bumble bee!

I have never in my life seen a bumble bee! I thought the random yellow and black bee was the bumble bee, you know like the honey bee? Apparently not!

The bumble bee is much bigger and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it! That thing is huge guys! Absolutely huge!

I was hoping on it to be there the next day because it was tucked in under neath the leaves for two days but when I got the big camera it was gone!

Well that about sums up the weekend I had, OH WAIT let me add some more HEAT!

To everyone out there I hope all of you have a very great week and that it may be filled with everything you desire!



Dated 28/11/2023

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Have you read the GRRM books yet? I've only read ASOIF series but have been debating for a while to get Fire and Blood!!

I am busy with the ASOIF. I haven't yet read any other books. I have Fire and Blood aswell as A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms.
Although,Fire and Blood is more a lore book, incase you didn't know. I think you'll like it. And it's thick!

The next books will definetely be from the others in his collections.


I heard good things about A knight of the seven kingdoms. My favorite book from ASOIF has to be clash of kings! How far along are you in that series?

Im on the fourth book now, A Storm Of Swords, Blood And Gold. I do fancy this one quite a lot... although I am keen on Winds Of Winter, I do think we might see it released within the next two years I'm hoping.

Also I am stoked about seven kingdoms😝 I am also planning on gettung The Witcher books Inwas skeptical at first because I bought the LOTR series and I THOUGHT that it wasnt going to read nice, but it's readjng amazing I can't get enough of it!!


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The Witcher books are really good! The first couple can read a bit odd as some actions are told through dialogue. For instance if Geralt jump we wouldn't be told he'd jump instead a character would be like "Geralt, why did you jump?" But the later books fixes this problem.

Honestly, the best Witcher book is Lady of the Lake. It was just amazing!

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