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Grandparents' cottage, a portal to the past


I'm already getting used to seeing more and more interesting weekend suggestions based on our past or future experiences, so this weekend I'm coming up with a post that I hope you'll enjoy.

So I chose to share with you something about a unique place, the grandparents' house.

I make myself comfortable on the couch and try to look into the past as if looking in the rear view mirror of my car, to remember my grandparents' cottage.


When I was a child, I used to spend my summer holidays at my grandparents', I stayed here for about a week, seven days in which I experienced a lot of activities, my grandparents lived in the country.

Let me give you a brief presentation of the place, the village was situated somewhere at the foot of the hills that surround it, here we never had water from the mains (i.e. no tap water flowed) but only from those hand dug wells (from these wells we drank the cleanest and best water ever), the streets were not paved, most of them were dirt (they started to pave them a few years ago), we had no public transport, the only buses or trains stopped somewhere 6 kilometres away.

The only way to get around were carts, bicycles or, extremely rarely, we saw a car (which was the car of some rich people in the village).

When we came on holiday we came by train to the station in the main commune and from there we walked 6 kilometers, as I wrote above we rarely saw cars and sometimes we were lucky enough to get a car to take us to the village.





My grandparents' house was a modest one (they were simple people) but very welcoming, once you entered you were filled with strong feelings, traditions, customs, whoever was invited in was served with the best they had, even if the next day they ate only freshly milked milk from their cow in the stable.

In my grandparents' house there was always a smell of cooked food, a smell that I have rarely encountered (never in an urban environment) anywhere else, even the first picture I show you is a traditional salty cheesecake as my grandparents used to make it, I also have another picture of a different kind of salty cheesecake, both are very tasty, they have that childhood taste.




Honestly, even though we didn't have access to so much technology back then, people were very happy and free compared to the times we live in now, when technology has taken over and people are focused on making as much money as possible.

I remember with nostalgia the times when we used to sit around the oven and wait for grandma to finish the food, we seemed to just get sick of that amazing smell of food, all the food was made from their own products, we didn't buy anything from the store (yes, I know it sounds weird).


My grandparents were never taught to eat out, in fact they have never been to a restaurant in their lives.




Today unfortunately my grandparents are no longer with us and sometimes I miss so much those places, those dusty streets, those sensational tastes, everything.

Unfortunately I don't show you pictures of my grandparents' house because we sold it a few years ago and the owner renovated it and nothing remains of what it looked like then, but I show you some pictures of some neighbours' houses that haven't been sold yet and of course nobody has started to tear them down and build new ones that have nothing to do with the past.





I know the houses are ruins, but even so they retain the charm of forgotten times.

Dear all, our journey into the past has come to an end today, I hope this post will be to your liking or maybe some of you will even find yourself in these pictures.

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P.S. The attached pictures you have just seen are taken by me with my mobile phone in Arad county,Romania, and the text is also designed by me.

Yours @triplug😉


You always bring the reader on a journey of discovery and with your excellent photos you combine imagery and text descriptions really well. This post is another example.

Looking back to the past is something I do a lot, I love history, and to understand what happened brings a sense of why we are where we are in the present.

Nice work here, again.

Thank you very much @galenkp for the beautiful words written here, It seems like a lot of weekend engagements suit me just fine, all have to do with real life and that is why it is quite easy for me (not in all cases) to write about my past or present life and experiences, as you have noticed I have no barriers, in fact I put my life on the table in front of my readers.
Have a wonderful Sunday.

You're a good chap, I'm pleased to be following your account.

I'm glad to hear that, mate.

You must miss them a lot, and I guess one of those things we miss is those simpler times.

I miss them extremely, but not only that, but also the taste of those times, I miss those simple people, traditions and customs.
Have a wonderful Sunday.

It is sort of my village, i means my grand parent place.. completelly settled in remote area and houses looks same...mud houses and those muddy tiles is wonderful journey

I'm so glad you found yourself in my post, and yes those mud houses are very beautiful it's just sad that they are left in disrepair and not rehabilitated to shine again.

It's a nice place that is surrounded by amazing nature. I like the photos of the house and surroundings. It shows that life can be great without any luxury. Simple is beautiful. thanks for sharing with us.

You're welcome.
Indeed wealth does not always mean happiness, I must admit that wealth has its role but I like to say that money cannot buy happiness and health.

absolutely... Have a great day @triplug

Thank you, I wish you the same.

We have a very similar journey into the past, you and I. Well, my grandparents on my father's side lived in a remote village in that province of Pinar del Rio. Not in the city. My father and his brothers built them a comfortable house of masonry, but they lived in a wooden house, with wide single-pane windows. It was very nice to go there on vacation. There were no streets either, just a royal road, as they called it, dusty, sandy. And it was exactly as you describe. We also got our water from a well. In fact there in my blog, in a post I wrote about a farm, I portrayed a clay jar, because it reminded me of where my grandparents kept that fresh water that we drank, after filtering it through a stone. How wonderful... I think of that with great affection.

I am really amazed that in another part of the world, in another city in Cuba (it seems to be the tenth largest city in Cuba) I discovered similarities with my rural area where about 300 people live today.
I'm glad to see that in other areas there were these roads and mud houses, frankly to me they represent originality, as I'm sure you've seen in the big cities there is no originality anymore but only those glass or concrete buildings that reach to the sky and the hustle and bustle.
I too remember those times with great nostalgia.

Yes, it is no longer the same in big cities. Glass giants, things that don't have the same durability as before. Consumerism.

It's true what you say, people used to be happy with less.

I'm glad we're on the same wavelength.
Have a wonderful Sunday.

I wish the same for you. 😁 Here it is still Saturday 5 pm. Hehehehe... 👋

At the time you wrote here in Romania, it was already Sunday,😊, time difference.

I love this snap, there is always some beauty in it.

Thank you very much and I'm glad you liked that picture.

You're welcome and have a nice day ahead.

Thank you.

You're welcome, have a nice day ahead.