Let's Talk About Sex (Education)

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Growing up in the late 80's/90's in Ireland, talking about sex was a taboo. As kids and teenagers we made jokes about it, pretended we even knew what we were talking about. My parents never approached me for a sit down, they never gave me a talk about the birds or the bees. It was just way too of an embarrassing topic for them to talk about. So when I turned 14, my mum gave me a book, (the same one she had given my older sister) one that was very scientific. Very serious and scary. That book and biology class, were my first introduction to sex. Aside from what I caught glimpses of on T.V. My parents were always very quick to change the channel or switch off the T.V when anything to do with Sex came on. It just wasn't talked about, it was shameful even.

I remember at 16, hearing some boys teasing a girl in my school, because she believed that she would get pregnant if she kissed a boy. She was one year younger than me and I wasn't surprised that she believed that, I certainly had, until I was told differently.


Sex is one of the most natural things in the world and yet so many of us have grown up to fear it, to be ashamed of it. Pushing down our own sexuality, ashamed to see ourselves as sexual beings. Suppressing who we are and ultimately disempowering ourselves. Before I became a parent, I knew that I wanted my children, to have a different experience when it came to their understanding of sex. When it came to sex education. I mean they are growing up with a mother, who runs Cuntcraft Workshops. In a home, where you can find quite a few of the cunts that I have made. A home, where talking about sex is comfortable. Where they understand how babies are made, afterall it is one of the most amazing things in our world, reproduction.

No, of course we don't need to go into full details, but it is important that from a young age that they understand that it is both a man and a woman that come together to create another being. Why hold this from them and fill their heads with stories about storks and the like. It is such a sacred thing, both coming together with someone and also creating another human with them.

Something that I wanted to be talked about, not made a big deal about, but more to be honest when the questions were asked, to not hide, to not put any shame on it. To let the conversation flow naturally, with a little help from " Mama Laid An Egg", such a wonderful book by Babette Cole, that I found when I was pregnant with my first child. One that has always been on our bookshelf.


A kids story book, that describes in the most innocent and natural way, how babies are made, with some humor mixed in. It begins with the parents of two kids, telling them both various ways in which babies are made, delivered by storks, found under rocks. To which the children burst out laughing and tell both parents that they will actually tell them how babies are made, using pictures that they drew themselves.


Which you can see in the pictures above, breaking it down into simple, natural form. How mothers have eggs and fathers have seeds. No need to bring in scientific names, just children telling it like it is, in a language that they understand. A way that is not complicated, cos lets face it, we then to complicate things, by overthinking them. I have had lots of questions, arise from this book. Questions that I answered in a simple way, depending on the age. Sex is a huge part of our lives, so it should just be a part of our life, something that is talked about openly. (Again of course we don't need to go into huge details here). It should be something that we talk about respectfully, because it is something that should be respected.

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Kids of today learn a lot from Tv and things they see around and that’s why it is very important to talk to them about sex.

Growing up, I didn’t have access to social media or even television so I was as innocent as they come. But I can’t say same for my younger siblings.😅

If you don’t talk to them about these stuff as a parent, be sure that they would learn it from elsewhere and you wouldn’t like the outcome.

Learning these stuff from other source is a sure thing.... Should parents still be shy about the topic these days? Hehe

There’s no need to be shy of these stuff. The world has changed.😅

I love the book recommendation! 'Mama Laid An Egg' sounds like a great resource for parents who want to approach sex education in a simple and natural way.

It's inspiring to hear about your journey towards open and honest sex education, especially considering the cultural taboos you faced growing up. Creating a comfortable space for your children to understand sex as a natural part of life is invaluable.