Sunday's exercise

"The first step to win yourself is wake up early" - Sukant Ratnakar

It's 4.30 am with my coffee already made and breakfast done with two eggs and a slice of wholegrain bread.

About an hour before my alarm clock, yesterday I got an opportunity to help out one of my bosses at their private printing business. I didn't print, but they did ask for extra hands, because they were running late with their deadline on a huge order as they had real health issues with Covid.

Was glad to help out as I'm always open to new ideas, new skills and knowledge to be learned, for free!

After folding carton or sticking glue spots on the carton for over 13 hours straight, standing there I started getting soo much more grateful for the work I have. Even if they are working weekends like last one, even when everything doesn't go as planned.

20211128_140155 (2).jpg

After an hour or two ,my back and feet started hurting a little with progression as I'm not used to working still for so long. I'm definitely an active worker that loves a diverse work environment and sooo much more grateful for work I do, have it and do my best and more every day, because I believe what goes around, comes around.


20211130_174419 (1).jpg

Noting to cry about as helping out is never a problem for me, specially when there are people that work there for years, one called professional even over 20 years, most of them are nere or way in their pension.
That got me so much more motivated to do more, do it differently and continue to invest in myself and in crypto we all truly belive in.

Sunday morning was beautiful, the sky started clearing up, woke up early as always, started my day cleaning the apartment, sweeping the floor, fixing my toilet flush valve and of course making myself a rewarding breakfast!

After I was finished I listened to myself and went in action. Knowing there might be rain I decided to take the short route to Lisca. Driving there for about 20 minutes. On my way there, I realized how much rain there was for the weekend as the rivers were huge and halfway to the starting point on top of Lisca I was amazed how enormous a normal, tiny, peaceful waterfall got.

20211128_142323 (1).jpg

I wouldn't dare to go anywhere nere it!

When parked the car I started my way up, pushing myself in process of getting that so much-needed fresh oxygen, blood flowing and get some toxins out of my system.


After about 30 minutes I reached the top, took the short path as the weather wasn't certain, and I was limited with time as I still wanted to make myself lunch and later get to work.

On the top I was rewarded with a nice calm weather, very long view distance, a tiny bit of leftover snow and a stunning misty views. Almost looked like I've been up there for the first time as the fog covered most of the surrounding hills.

It was beautiful!


Decided to get a hot cup of tea on the top, before started my way down to my 4motion and slowly get prepared for work.

My previous post explains how the weather conditions changed by the time I finished work and how I got home with around 10 cm of snow by midnight, all thanks to the reliable 4x4 system and the safety of my Passat.

Grateful to be healthy, surrounded with positivity & for the warm apartment, food on the table, drinkable tap water, to have friends, surrounded with nice work environments, amazing bosses, having a dream job, a very reliable car in any condition, and I am super grateful to be a part of this amazing platform that allows my thoughts to get their way on 'paper' as it helps to clear my mind, reminds me to be humble and thankful for all the little rewards and achievements that make everyday a positive day full of motivation!

Thank you!

.. For taking time reading, stopping by, staying positive. Wishing everyone a great day!

*Imagination is everything it is the preview of life's coming attractions -Albert Einstein

Til next time, stay awesome... Happy, Strong & Healthy my friends !


lol... printing stuff for some german advertising campaign?!

anyways... what matters is the scenery... clouds in between the hills... so serene!

Yeah got a special deal to work, learn and see new work enviroment to me, work was easy but gained a ton of gratitude for my work. Never worked on the same spot, doing same, easy stuff you don't need to think about, but it was a pain for my brain as it always seeks for action and I love diversity of my work.
Went there to learn and got lots of posivity, helping a friend, new experience, home made special tea and cookies every morning!
It probably sounds like working with elders and it was, I had a blast with positivity and hard lough.

aye... and taking more hikes :)