Fork Fun - How Rising Star sent too many tokens to me | How I ended up putting money into a game I said I wouldn't.

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Hi Everyone,

Little did I know last night, this morning I owed Rising Star 18k Starbits. When I withdrew last night, I immediately went and bought packs, as I don't put money into Rising Star, I only re-invest what I get out of it. I was delighted to find out I could buy 2 packs.

I then went to bed. When I woke up I was told I was sent 18k Starbits extra by mistake (I don't keep a close tab on my HE balances so I wasn't aware immediately). This is not the first time I've seen an issue like this, but this is the first time it has directly affected me. Of course, after confirming that was the case, I bought 14k Starbits to replace them, which means I've put 9 Hive into the game, which is nowhere near as bad as say dCity, but considering I was trying not to, it's quite annoying.

Now, I'm not saying anyone is perfect, but I have seen this issue before and have thought about how we can avoid it, especially when the chain is a little buggy. I think the best way to deal with it is try to send it once, and if it 'fails' you should log it down so you can deal with it later and mark it as "completed" or "unsure" or some other thing that stops it from being sent again.

This same issue happened with dCity, which is why dust cards exist. They are duplicate cards that can't be deleted (due to the way NFTs work) so they had to be updated so as to be worth less.

I fortunately haven't had any scripts do this to me, although once my dumb bot running on my personal account sent a payment from peakmonsters straight back to them 🤪 I even had an exclusion list, but forgot to add PeakMonsters, what an idiot!

Anyway, I hope this can help some of you in your development endeavours to prevent this issue, as it's a pain in the ass to clear up afterwards.
~ CA


Feel like more private nodes is the best solution to this. Looks like the few working nodes are suffering heavy usage.

This! If you're running a dapp that depends on having a functioning node, you want to have a functioning node of your own

The biggest problem with that is still cost. It’s not cheap to run a node, and sometimes you might not even be bringing in enough to pay to run a node of your own. I wonder what the costs for a bare minimum node to broadcast and use get_block is.

I think it'd be relatively low compared to the cost of running a game (most games anyway)

Using public nodes for a dapp feels like one of those "let's do that since we can afford it right now and move to having our own once the dapp is generating enough income"

If there were no "free" nodes, I think that'd kill quite a lot of development. I sure know I've made silly projects that I wouldn't even consider if I had to run a Full Node just to launch them.

Say a full node is $60/mo, it's probably reasonable to expect people to pay for it when they're making a couple hundred or more and/or are hammering nodes heavily (lots of transfers/reads)