Announcing FRIDAY Discord Notification Bot

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Hello everyone! After the (not so) recent hard fork, Ginabot has been having quite a lot of issues. With the current status of Gina being nothing more than abandonware, My pal @rishi556 and I (@deathwing) got to work on writing a brand new Discord notification bot for all your Hive (& now Hive-Engine too!) notification needs.

The bot is currently in heavy development and we need your help. We are looking for beta testers who can assist us in both stress testing and finding bugs as well as suggest features and provide feedback.

After the recent improvements to Hivemind notifications, they are quite decent and for some, it may be enough. However, FRIDAY is going to be online and available, on your phone, tablet, PC, wherever you have Discord available and will let you know 24/7, making sure you don't miss anything important.


Complete Hive Notification Suite

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Curation/Producer Rewards
  • Author Rewards
  • Powerdown Rewards
  • Delegations
  • Transfers
  • Mentions
  • Comments
  • Posts
  • Witness Notifications (Votes, Pricefeed and Missed Blocks)
  • Reblogs
  • Follows

Hive-Engine Notifications

  • Transfers
  • Delegations
  • Witness Notifications (Votes, Missed Rounds, Daily/Weekly/Monthly Producer Report)
  • Token Stake/Unstake
  • Market (Buy, Sell, Filled)
  • NFTs (Sent, Received)
  • NFT Markets (Buy, Sell Order Placed, Filled)

Game Notifications

  • dCity Based Notifications
  • Rising Star Based Notifications

and many more to come! (soon™)

How to help?

If you would like to become one of the early adaptors of our brand new notification bot, please click here to join our Discord server.

If you have any requests for both features or any feedback, you can either comment on this post or join our Discord and let us know there :)

As this is a closed beta test, we will evaluate depending on how many interested members we have and decide on how many people to allow for the test.

Hopefully, if all goes right, we are expecting to release our bot in the upcoming weeks.

The Future

Currently, FRIDAY operates using our own nodes (for both Hive and Hive-Engine), since most of the actions (calls) we are doing is quite taxing on the node, to prevent any issues from happening on public nodes, we use our node and our node only :)

We are dedicated to continuously developing FRIDAY, and if all goes well, potentially open-source it in the future. If we do open source it, we will continue to support and develop it.

Support us!

If you'd like to support the (early) development of FRIDAY, please consider voting @deathwing and @hextech as your Hive witnesses! :)


I wish you every success in your endeavours. Cryptocurrency is growing rapidly and more and more people are using it. You're helping people, especially newcomers.

Let me know how I can help you know where to find me!

Is that my queue to ditch Gina?

Soon, there are still a few things that need to be added before I think that's doable. Plus, I plan on running them both for a while to be sure. I think it won't be long before it's a no brainer.

Soon, hopefully. As @themarkymark said, currently, most of the Hive-Engine features are work in progress (while we are almost finished with Hive related stuff) hopefully, in a couple of weeks, most of the features I wrote above should be finished. Obviously, to make sure everything works fine, we'd like more people to come and test with us and give feedback/recommend features which we can implement so we can have a "one-stop solution for all notification needs" in the future.

I already have, but we already implemented the 2 things I cared about, replies and mentions pretty early on.

great to read your posts

GINAbot is still working beautifully for me and everyone I know who uses her. So is HiveBot. However, having a third solution to everything is never a bad idea, so I don't mind helping test your new project, and might be able to enlist a few others to help test it, too. Thanks for the news!

Awesome, you're welcome anytime on our Discord. More testers are always welcome too :)

You are doing great job but am just starting out so I can't really help for now

I wish you much success with your efforts!

Hey this sounds cool! I'm down to help betatest the bot. I have very limited experience with python and discord bots, but I have made functional ones before. Joined your discord!

I am a Gina fan but another option that works better is also very welcome I join the discord and help test if you want me ofcourse.
Request : Yes , can Friday be a lady like Gina hahahahha I loved saying I have a secretary

Éxitos, estare muy pendiente, y apoyarlo en lo que pueda, saludos desde Venezuela

I hope you manage to implement Gina to her maximum capacity!
I wouldn't mind being a tester.
DC 🙏
@darrenclaxton on Discord

Yes, I'd like to see what this statistical data can offer. 😎 👏

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