Proof of Brian hits another milestone

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About five months ago I created a Hive bot called @proofofbrian. All it does is notify people if they mis-typed the #proofofbrain tag. It was really an exercise for me in writing something like that. All it does is leave a comment and a vote. I do include images of some famous Brians from Wikipedia to make it more fun. People seem to appreciate what it does and I think it gets a few laughs.

I am a bit wary in case I get caught mis-typing the tag too. At least peakd suggests some tags so I can just select it.

This week it notified the 300th person! That is a fair chunk of the active Hivers and some very established people got caught out. It only notifies each person once to avoid spamming by keeping a list of who was told. That is how I know how many comments it left. Some people even give the comments a vote, but it is just a tiny amount and it was not intended to earn for me.


This would not be possible without the beem Python library that gives you all the functions you need to work with the Hive blockchain. I just run the bot when I am using my home PC, so it will miss some cases. I have thought of running it on a Raspberry Pi, but beem was crashing. I need to look into that again.

You can see my code on Github. It is just a few lines plus some data for the image files and the tags it looks for. There may be some variants I have missed, but I made the list based on some queries for what was actually being used.

I ought to think about other apps I could write. I do have some scripts I use to find people for the #BritList. We have access to a huge amount of data on this blockchain, so there is lots of scope for analysing it. If people have suggestions of things that could be done then I may attempt to code them. It is all good programming practice for me.

Hive five!


Ha ha I got this bot a few times, I'm so good at rushing my tags and not checking my spelling lol, it's very helpful @steevc

You should only get one comment from the bot as once you are on the list you do not get notified again. It is really easy to get tags wrong.


Congrats on the milestone. That is really cool. I think I have gotten hit with the bot once. I think my typo was different though. I think I left out the r in proof or something like that.

Your sports account got it. I search for various typos, but I will still miss some. You can see them in the source code.

That is a great use for a bot. Not spammy at all and very helpful.

You can see my code on Github. It is just a few lines plus some data

Maybe I'll try it with some other tags? 👨‍💻👍

haha I didn't know you did this!
Great job man! Such a cool project!


Cheers. I do keep an eye on it, but I let it speak for itself.


I though proof of brain went the way of the dodo, but proof of brian has a lot of lol potential :)

I still get POB tokens, but there is none for Brian. It's just for the LOLs.

everything I do on Hive is for the lols :P

That is quite funny but an easy mistake to make when typing tags quickly.

Thanks for sharing the code too.

The code is simple, but maybe it can help others create their own bots. We don't want lots of spam, but they can have a purpose.


I know a bit of Python so was going to have a dabble at some point. So your script will be useful to get me started. Cheers !wine

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That's a hilarious bot. Very clever. I hate it when I mis-spell a tag. It happens once in a while. I usually catch it way too late to make a meaningful goal change.

300 people is a lot. Clearly it was a good idea. 👍

It finds a few each day usually. I try to check my tags before I publish, but we all make mistakes.


I ought to think about other apps I could write.

You definitely should.

Interesting as I had no idea this was even possible in Hive. How wrong was I!!

Hive is an open platform with all the data available. I might not know how to access it directly, but this library makes it simple.



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