Different levels of FizzBuzz (using Ruby)

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If you are old enough like me, you probably already did (or make pass) a FizzBuzz exercise during an interview.
I don't think it is still used anymore but it used to be a classic.

So let's grab a beer and start coding.

First implementations

The first implementation here is the basic one, it works fine and is pretty much the same on every language.

1.upto(100) do |i|
  if i % 3 == 0 && i % 5 == 0
    puts 'FizzBuzz'
  elsif i % 3 == 0
    puts 'Fizz'
  elsif i % 5 == 0
    puts 'Buzz'
    puts i

But we can get rid of one useless if statement.
Some people would say that the ternary operator is not that much readable and
prefer using a boolean but both solutions are totally fine for me.

1.upto(100) do |i|
  result = ''
  if i % 3 == 0
    result += 'Fizz'
  if i % 5 == 0
    result += 'Buzz'

  puts result == '' ? i : result

Finally if the developer is familiar with the language, he should write more "idiomatic" code, Ruby in our case :

1.upto(100) do |i|
  result = ''
  result += 'Fizz' if (i % 3).zero?
  result += 'Buzz' if (i % 5).zero?

  puts result.empty? ? i : result

Use a datastructure

What if we need to extends this code ?
What if I want to add another prime number, for example 7 is 'Bazz'?
The next level for this exercise should be to use a datastructure, like a dictionary in python or a hash in ruby.

  fizz: 3,
  buzz: 5

1.upto(100) do |i|
  result = ''
  FIZZ_BUZZ.map do |text, divisor|
    result += text.to_s.capitalize if (i % divisor).zero?

  puts result.empty? ? i : result

Use lambdas

For our last version, let's use a lambda and move our modulo predicate to the hash

  fizz: ->(i) { (i % 3).zero? },
  buzz: ->(i) { (i % 5).zero? }

1.upto(100) do |i|
  result = ''
  FIZZ_BUZZ.map do |text, predicate|
    result += text.to_s.capitalize if predicate.call(i)

  puts result.empty? ? i : result

Bonus point: machine learning :)

A crazy guy implemented a solution using machine learning
Check it out, it's really fun.


Hi there, thanks for sharing this in programming. I like the twist you have put upon fizz buzz to make this more interesting. I have solved this problem before and it’s interesting to see how others do so

Thanks a lot for your comment, and your upvote, it helps a lot

hey @tipy everytime I see your programming post you seem to use different language, earlier it was Go now it is Ruby.
You really are a pro at programming😎 😎 😎

Thanks for you kind comment.
In fact I'm a pro :) in the sense that programming is what I do for a living.
I switched language a few times during my career but Ruby is still my favorite language.

Good to know, I have just started learning programming.
I am more into python.....
Perhaps you can give me some tips, as you are more experienced than me...

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