[Live] CyberBuzz Radio: Disruptive Tech, Blockchain & Synthwave | I'm BACK for Pumps, Punks & All Time Hive

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Watch a replay of the Cyberbuzz Radio livestream on Youtube 👀

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Cyberbuzz Radio is a love affair with neon drenched disruptive tech and great synthwave music

I livestream every week with new music and artists to share, do Q&A about the Hive blockchain and beyond, with great discussions and dance parties around some of the changing aspects of our world, the crypto space, blockchain, and community. Have fun, learn a little, chat a lot, ponder whether or not we're all just replicants... what are you waiting for? Come join me in the neon~
We're just normal friends with abnormal everything else 🖤

In this episode...

@themarkymark came to hang out with me and we're talked about all things price action, his project Hive punks (check out Punks on Hive), and we'll have a few fun announcements of special things. If you've been missing Cyberbuzz or loving the recent market movements for everyone's favorite scalable, social blockchain, you're going to have a lot of fun with us. Bring your topics, Q&A and anything you might want to talk about on the Hive blockchain, synthwave, disuptive tech, crypto, and beyond~

I hope you have as much fun attending, participating in, or rewatching these Cyberbuzz Radio shows as I do creating them for you. 🖤

If you have questions, comments, or a topic or project you want me to feature on the show, shoot me a message! The idea of a combination livestream/podcast/live radio show is a bit confusing, but I'm so proud of what we're creating. If you want to find more amazing shows by cool people from around the Hive blockchain community, check out all of the djs from @mspwaves and the full schedule at mspwaves.com.

Catch you out there in the flickering neon sometime?

This episode post was generated from the original episode live stream on Vimm.tv: a portion of the rewards go to Vimm and helping support an awesome Hive dApp. It's been updated to include the replay for you to enjoy, but to get the full experience, you should absolutely head over to Vimm and join me live each week!


Hive and Synthwave. Two of my favorite thing. Why didn't I discover you sooner? :o)

Because I'm a big dumb dumb who never marketed or posted about shows for the first 4 years of doing them!

I'll be updating this post today with the proper shownotes and recordings so it actually becomes useful 🖤

Great :o). I'll be watching from now on.

Fuck ya!



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Thanks for the Hive news. I was looking for a good news source about Hive for a while now. I have been on Peakd since the beginning but not following much about blockchain news.

I'm just discovering Hive and all the possibilities it has to offer. Thanks for doing this awesome show. I'll be following future episodes.

WHEN does HBD pump to SBD's all time high, pushing hive up with it?

wheres the "koreans" and @kingscrown ???

HBD all time high!

pumping hive untill we fry (on the sun cuz we over shoot the moon)

when a crypto goes into the sun thats liek when..... you go PAST the moon and land in the federal government offices as a CBDC lol