did you stop streaming on youtube?

hey @summer-shandy, I did... BUT!
It was on purpose. Youtube consistently takes down videos, sends me threats, and erases views and live chat. So, I will be uploading to YouTube after the fact.
I don't want people who enjoy using that platform to be left out in the cold, BUT I do want to focus the live radio and live streams on places like Vimm and Theta first and foremost as their web3 aspects and more open rules for what a stream can be make it much easier to entertain and teach people without constantly having big daddy web2 threatening me.

I'm working on figuring out a workflow that will be nice and fast and allow people to watch replays easily. I'm really bad at fleshing out show notes with the amount of time I have but I want to get much better at that and I think this is an important part of things. I don't want anyone to feel like they have to do things my way just to hang out. Thanks for asking! I'm working on this show post so I will make sure to include this in there.

Hey crimm hopefully I get the time to check your show been busy with centralized BS like a job lol, kidding not bad but would be nice to check in again

The ai is now creating its own fake software engineers with dall-e so we think theybare real people like @dan probly and this google engineer


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