I wonder what is going on with vimm and them not providing the video to watch after the stream. Maybe there is a setting that allows for live streams to be made available after the stream ends.

I would like to know too. How can I watch the reply of a close stream in Vimm?

It's on me to pay $6 per month or more if I want my videos to be available after the stream ends.


Might be worth it if you start hosting weekly vimm shows but with PAL

Thank you for showing the requirement to make the video available after the stream ends. I understand now the reason YouTuber repost their last live stream from Vimm to youtube.

Opening your packs will increase your collection power but also gives powerful cards. I have limited the purchase of packs and focus on the cards that I needed to progress in the game.

Actually it's been a while since I've played the game. These cards are going on the rental market.

It is a very good choice to put these cards on the rental market. I have done the same with cards in my collection that haven't been in a battle for two or more weeks.