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Happy New Year, Vimmsters! It's @ddrfr33k, coming back from a VERY long hiatus to give you guys a big update. I hope you guys had fun with the last season, I'll have that recap up shortly. But I wanted to come out and talk with you guys about something that's been on my mind for a while.


When you look at the Browse Page, there's not a whole lot of live streams. I'm looking at the browse page right now at 17:00 UTC, and there are...two...live channels. There's only one exception to this rule, and that is in MSP Waves. They are playing prerecorded music, but they do have regularly scheduled live content. Everything else is prerecorded content, with the vast majority of it on a loop. It's great that people want to stream with us, but...this is kinda killing us. It eats up our server resources, without really driving people to the streams. I talked with @chiren about this, and we are going to be making some changes to our Terms of Service very soon.

Starting on February 1, we will be adding the following provision to the "Content" section of our terms of service:

Content you broadcast on Vimm must have a live component to it. You may include pre-recorded content, but only in the context of creating a derivative and/or transformative work. This can include, but is not limited to: reaction streams, sound/video alerts, or discussion of news and current events.

What does this mean for you? Very little, unless you're currently running a 24/7 stream. If you're running a stream like that, you will need to be live during your broadcast for a significant portion at least once every day that you are live. Look to streams like the MSP Waves channel for an example of what I'm talking about. Sure, they play a lot of music. But they have a regular schedule of live shows in addition. And that's what we want to see out of our channels. Live content, something new every day.

And that's about going to do it for this update. If you are running a 24/7 channel, plan on adding live content starting on the first. If you cannot do that, we kindly request you look into setting up a different option. I will be emailing the accounts that I can, and let them know about this change. But beyond that, happy new year and happy streaming!

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I gotta say it's about time! Not to diminish what those channels are doing but streaming pre recorded content as live is just annoying to me. I've always thought that was completely redundant. If you want your shows seen upload them on 3Speak or Dtube and people can watch the content they want to in it's entireity. But streaming it is nothing buy a HUGE waste of resources for both parities.
It's also VERY annoying when they dont have the courtesy to stick an overlay that says "pre recorded" and you are trying to ask questions in a chat all while thinking this is a very bad host on this show.
I am very glad for this decision becuase not only does it look bad for the channels doing it but it looks even worse for the site as a whole. BIG KUDOS, KUDOS and more KUDOS to you guys for this!!!!

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There are more than a few channels that we wish would stream their live shows instead of just running replays...

Replays are just so boring. Just let people download them as a podcast from 3Speak. There no need to waste money on streaming. Especially if it's somebody else's money!

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YES!! A very good change in my opinion. Hopefully it'll lead to better content in general and more stable servers!

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im happy to see you lads want changings... so the LIVE Creators get ressources ...

im doin only Live stuff so i think im fine ^^^

It would be three but I can't stream 24/7...

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You're making live content with your streams, though. You're not just playing replays of past broadcasts on loop

That is true.

I am SO here for this. 24/7 streams are part of what really killed mixer, don't want to repeat those mistakes. Thanks for that post, definitely a boost of confidence in the vision of this platform!

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Woop woop! Glad we're doing the right thing!

But, real talk for a sec. Mixer was pretty awesome and Microsoft really dropped the ball when they sold it to Facebook.

ABSOLUTELY! I think that's part of why I find the idea of a Web3 platform so appealing, because we know that it's not going to a greedy corp, it's built and owned by the community! Idk how much I'll be devoting time to streaming, but I'll DEF be using VIMM here and there moving forward!

Question, I allways wanted to make a 24/7 livestream with my aquarium, is that ok? I mean it is not prerecorded dough :)

Greez, !BEER 🍻

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In the past, we had live feeds from a channel called @meanroosterfarm that would show the CCTV footage from their goat pens, especially during birthing season. We got to see young kids taking their first steps, and it was adorable and we loved it!

We're not opposed to content like that, but know that MRF would only run for a few days at a time, and usually never longer than two weeks. Bear in mind that success on Vimm definitely favors those who make engaging content, and that includes engaging other users. We have found that 24/7 streams provide little for the streamer, if they provide any benefit at all. For that reason, I would recommend not doing it, but if it's a live feed, we're not going to get too huffy over it.

If you really want to include your aquarium, @shmoogleosukami had the right idea. His starting, ending, and BRB screens point at his aquarium. That might be a better option than just running the aquarium 24/7.

Great awnser! Thank you for the straight forward response. I totaly fet youre arguments and they seem verry experienced and on point. The idea with the brb screen for the aquarium is a great imput and I will have to check my setup anyways.

I used to do livestreams with obs on dlive, and it is certenly time to catch up on that on vimm.

Thank you and all the best, see you soon 🍀

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Hey @vimm, here is a little bit of BEER from @sandymeyer for you. Enjoy it!

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thank you for this post, it allows me to change some opinions

Happy new year!
Best health to you, family, and friends.

Keep on the good work!