Dev Blog: Are you ready for the reset?

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Hey guys! It's ya boi, @ddrfr33k! Ugh, I can't believe I just said that...

It's been a bit since I wrote a post like this, but I figured you guys would want to know what we're up to lately. Because we actually have been rather busy! There's a lot to cover, so let's break it all down:

Leaderboard resets are coming!

One of the things @chiren and I wanted to implement when we reset the leaderboard back in January was a means of shaking things up so we don't always have the same people on top. One solution was quarterly tier resets. We figure this will help bring fresh blood to the Platinum Partner tier every so often. On April 1, we're doing another leaderboard reset! Much like last time, Everyone in their tier will be reset to the same score. Platinum and Top 5 will all share the same score starting out, so there's a very good chance we might see some different Top 5 streamers for a bit!

One thing both @chiren and I are in agreement about is that we should have some prizes for you guys during these leaderboard resets. Unfortunately, we didn't work that out for this particular round, and we wanted to apologize for that. That said, we'll make sure that we get something going for next time, be it a month of premium for Platinum and up or Vimm hoodies for Top 5, we'll figure something out.

(Legal disclaimer: the aforementioned prizes are subject to change and not guaranteed. Please do not expect any of these prizes, official announcements will follow with concrete details and full eligibility requirements.)

Choppy streams? We got a fix!

Over the past month and a half, we've heard complaints of choppy streams, especially from people in Europe watching someone streaming in America and vice versa. That's...been a thorn in our side for a while now. It's partially due to the way we're set up, but now we're researching fixes. We have a couple options we're testing, and we will likely have a permanent solution soon. We look forward to letting you guys know more!

(As an added bonus, one of the options we're looking at miiiiiight just add transcoding to our streams too. No guarantees!)

Mobile experience is getting a facelift!

We've contracted with another developer to fix the frontend of our website to make the mobile version work better. There will me more details to follow, but this is coming and I couldn't wait to tell you guys! No, seriously. This has been a long time coming and I am over the moon that we're finally making it a thing.

And with that, I think that's gonna wrap up this post. Thanks for reading, don't forget the standard stuffs, upvote, follow, share the post around, you know the drill. Also, check out the merch store if you haven't yet. We got some awesome stuff in there! Oh, and, you know, it helps support us, too.

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Facelift to mobile experience!? Yay! Will finally be able to stream to vimm again with a fullscreen game 😄 Once I can find the time again that is... 😞 Looking forward to it though!

Still rocking the Vimm beanie hat while out on my daily walks 😁

 2 years ago  

im going for the Spot at the sun again :)

 2 years ago  


wooo very hyped for the leaderboard reset I wont be able to stream often but i look forward to engaging in chat rooms of other vimm streamers :)