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Secret Sauce

Hey there! It's @ddrfr33k. Got another post for you, and I'm bringing back something we haven't done in a very long time! Those of you who have been around for a while will remember Vimm University. They were fun to make, and we kind of let it die because...reasons...

But I was talking with someone recently, and I came to a realization. Too many streamers on Vimm haven't figured out the secret sauce! Do you want to know the secret sauce? The one easy way to rise to the top on Vimm?

Well, guess what? I'm about to drop it on you. Buckle up, buckaroos! I'm about to spill all the tea all over Vimm!

You've probably heard me harp about the leaderboard over on Vimm. It's an elegant little solution for Vimm, and I quite like how many people have taken to it. But there's a small problem...

Take a look at this:


There is NO good reason for me to be sitting in the top 3. I mean, sure, I'm active on here, I stream regularly, but why am I sitting so high up on the leaderboard when there's all this further down?


And it took me a little bit of pondering. But I think I figured out what I have that they're missing:


Vimm is focused on community building. We believe we are the only site that actually built community building into their growth track. And we built this into Vimm by way of the leaderboard. If you look at the point value on the leaderboard, you'll see three categories:

  • Activity Score: This is the amount of chat activity in your stream chat while you're live.
  • Builder Score: This is how much you go out and engage the community. This includes chatting in other streams, subscribing to streamers, upvoting their streams, and sharing streams on twitter/dBuzz.
  • Consistency Score: This is based on how many minutes you stream.

And too many people focus on only one aspect of their streams: Their consistency score. We have consistency set to algorithmically give you less points the longer you stream at one time. Taking breaks is actually better for you in terms of ranking up via Consistency.

But the secret sauce is definitely not that. You want the Secret Sauce? Well guess what! I'm about to drop the Secret Sauce!

The two biggest contributors to the growth of your channel are your Activity Score and Builder score. No, really. That's the secret sauce. Your activity score is all about getting your viewers to chat with you. If you can start a conversation with multiple people, your Activity Score will shoot up and really give your ranking a major boost! You will see a larger increas when you have more people chatting at once, compared to one person chatting. We also have anti-spam mechanisms in place to prevent abuse and will take action if we find people abusing the system. Thankfully, that hasn't been a problem!

Now that I've covered Activity Score, let's talk about Builder Score. You know how Activity score rewards you for your community chatting with you? Builder Score rewards them for going out and building up the community around you. When you go out and chat with others, it helps you as well as the streamer. Going out and upvoting, chatting, and subscribing builds up the people around you. And guess what? When you help others, they'll be much more likely to help you too!

And if you look at the top streamers on Vimm, everyone in the Top 5 has points in Builder Score. Everyone who really succeeds here is going out and building. The people who languish? They're not building. In going through the leaderboard, there is a distinct link between going out and being a viewer and growth on Vimm.

So, if all of this info that I just dropped on your head isn't getting through, Here's what you need to know:

You gotta go out and engage others. Not only that, you gotta get your audience to engage you too!

That's literally it. That's the secret sauce. We just had one guy who started streaming in the last week. He started a convo with me in his stream, went out and chatted with a few other people, and he's already a Platinum Partner. There is literally no good reason why you can't see similar returns if you take the time to go out and build up your community. I want to see more people on top of the leaderboard, and I want to see more awesome people building up their own little communities. Let's make it happen, people!

Get in touch!

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Mmmmm... This sauce tastes... VERY good! Good post, I sure hope creators are paying attention!

I need some gems to complete my secret sauce lol

@ddrfr33k... OOOH now I remember why I was going out and hitting up all the other streams haha!

 7 months ago  


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um dia desses eu chego no topo desse ranking

Very useful guide to Vimm Decentralised untitled.gifliveatreaming 👌