Good story.

My be you'd want to correct one of your hashtags:


This is an interesting conflict you establish. Timothy has to decide if he is going to gamble for his grandfather's life. That is a temptation. Your change in point of view is a challenge, structurally. You do manage to convey the switch to readers, but the story gets a bit confusing in that place where you make the switch. Still, it is possible to sort the characters and that is a good thing.

Thank you for sharing this story with the Ink Well community. We do expect our authors to comment on the stories of others in the community. This is an important part of writing and engaging in the Ink Well. Thank you!

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I guess if he loses that game
he loses his grandfather
and maybe his own life.
Yes, temptation and danger.

I hope Timothy plays the game well.
Or be ready to deal with his fears of loosing Shelby.