Frankie: A Wild Tale of a Cat Lord

in The Ink Welllast year

He buzzed the door, took a step back and waited. After months of flirting, he finally got an invitation to hang out at the home of the girl he liked, Tiffany. She was an energetic, positive, charming young lady with a long, black hair. He was nervous, still questioning his choice of a house present: He bought a big cup of ice cream. Blackberry and vanilla.

Tiffany opened the door with a big smile. Welcomed him in. He suddenly felt her positive energy. "Everything will be just fine" he said to himself. Tiffany led him to the living room and said she'll be right back. He gazed into the room. It was a big living room with a lot of plants. It was designed pretty minimalistic except maybe the plants. She had a little table in front of a blue couch, and a TV behind a table. He really liked the living room. Wanted to check the outside. It was the first floor, he opened up the window and stared into the street. It was a calm street with a few parked cars. Suddenly, he heard a "meow" from his behind. There was a big, yellow cat staring at him.

"Oh, I didn't know you had a cat!" he mildy shouted. He said "Hi!" to the cat. The cat jumped into the window front first, gave him a glimpse, and then jumped outside! He was shocked, burst into the window and saw the cat running! He heard Tiffany shout "Sorry!". He immediately closed the window and sat on the couch. Tiffany came, said;

"I'm so sorry, I kept you waiting."

"It's okay", he said; "How are you?"

"What the fuck are you doing?" he said to himself. He was shocked.

"I'm working so much! It's insane how much they ask from you in such a short time! And this was supposed to be my day off! Sorry, you just came in and I'm so tense.."

"No no, it's okay" he said; thought: "This is not a good time to upset her".
"I thought you might be tense when I arrived and bought some ice cream!"

She smiled. Said "Perfect!" and went to take the spoons. If you ignore the fact that something really fucked up happened, everything really was going just fine.

They ate the ice cream and chilled more and more. She brought snacks and opened up the wine. All was going more than just fine. He was thinking about the cat incident all the time, and finally got the perfect solution! He might turn this crisis into an opportunity.

"You said you have a cat, where is it?"

"Oh, did I? she said, "Yes, Frankie. He must be somewhere around. I haven't seen him for a while..."

"Oh, do you have a photo?"

"Yes, I can just bring him but whatever."

She showed me photos of the cat. He had a red collar he didn't notice."

"Is this your cat?" he said.

"Yes, why?"

"I just saw a yellow cat with a red color on my way!"

"No way!"

They searched the house and couldn't find him. "Shall we look outside?" he asked.
"Yes, thank you." said Tiffany, and they went outside to search the cat.

After five minutes of searching, they decided to split up. And ten minutes after, he saw Frankie on a street corner! Just as he planned! He picked him up. He was flying out of joy! He took a selfie with Frankie and sent it to Tiffany. As he focused on his phone, Frankie pawed his face and started to run again. He ran with all of his strength, but the cat was faster. Frankie came into another corner. Saw a pickup truck and jumped on the back on it.

"Fuck!" he said, and shouted "Taxi!"

He jumped into the taxi and said "Follow the white truck in front!". So they started to follow Frankie. After a few minutes on the road, the traffic stucked. He jumped out of the taxi, said "Motherfucker!" as he ran to the Frankie. Frankie jumped to the top the car and started running on the top of the cars. He got closer, as Frankie stumbled a few times while running around. Frankie realized he was very close, and shouted "Meeowwwwww!" He heard an eagle scream behind him! Eagle started landing towards the cars. Frankie, jumped on the back of the Eagle, and they flew away. He saw Frankie, giving him a middle finger, as they flew away.



The reader won't know whether to laugh or cry. Frankie certainly seems to have the upper hand (paw) here. Not carried off by an eagle, but hitching a ride on an eagle. This has the pace of a farce and it's hard to take anything seriously that happens, including Frankie's escape. And that's a good thing. Comedy is a place where we don't have to be serious. Comedy is a vacation from serious.

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Thank you so mıuch! I did comment a couple and will keep it up.

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When Frankie gave him the middle finger, I laughed so hard. I can just imagine a cat flipping someone off, riding away for his escape on the back of an eagle. Very funny tale. Nice for some good laughs!

Hehe, thank you! :)

The ending reminds me of the Lord of the Rings, where the eagles fly down and save the day, some kind of Deus ex Machina where the cat flies off on an eagle. A really quirky piece. Thanks for your contribution.

Thanks :)

This is so funny, @defolumal. I love a story full of action and shenanigans. It's a funny scenario to begin with, and it really goes out with a bang. That cat really had the upper hand the whole time!

Thank you :)

I can imagine the funny scenario that must have been while the cat was jumping from car to car on the street and the guy just chasing it effortlessly. If I were him honestly I would give up on the animal the moment I saw it jump on the truck

The story is hilarious. Your comic timing is perfect and this line was the pivot.

If you ignore the fact that something really fucked up happened, everything really was going just fine.

We knew at that point this story was not going to end well. Not for the narrator, anyway. The cat, that's another matter :))

I'm glad you liked it :) thank you so much!

An implausible piece of writing that leaves one in doubt as to whether it is fantasy or humor.

Well, couldn't it be both fantasy and humor? :)

This is a stunning story, going from the ordinary to the fantastic with a speed and humorous vigor Mark Twain would have enjoyed!

Such a nice compliment! I'm glad you liked it, thank you very much!