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"I'm almost close. I can feel it in my heart. I'm still alive so I guess nobody has figured my plan yet. In three days, the fate of the world would be decided."

Diary: 16th April 3333


Room 501, lights out. This will be your last and only warning!

Came a voice from a speaker on the wall.

In 300 years, nobody has smiled in the world. Happiness has been erased from humanity, Nobody Knew what it felt like to be happy. In the year 3030, there was an evolution in the world and it changed the world we used to know.

The world was ruled by a group of Psychics, they called themselves the Panel. In this era, technology was so advanced, but can only be used by the Panel. They could read your mind from the comfort of their wealthy castles.

"Heave! Ho! Heave! Ho! Heeeeeeeave"

"Sir, if we would be granted access to the lifting machine, we could have this thing up the hill in minutes."

"Get back to work civilian!"

There was numerous breakthrough with regards to technology, but only the panel were allowed to use this technology. The only technology we were allowed to use were airpods, instructions comes through them on where you have to be and what you have to do. You are not allowed to take off your airpod until lights out. I believed that there was a chip in it that made them able to read our minds. Not to mention the hidden cameras in every corner of everywhere that enabled them to see us all.

With the ability of mind reading, they know when you are plotting anything even before the plan takes shape in your mind. The slightest thought of happiness, the slightest thought of freedom and you will be arrested. According to the panel, happiness was a great weakness, and freedom slows down advancement.

We have been working on mines for years, each century they discover new lands with potential and we are assigned to keep digging and recover any thing of value from the old world. The old world was buried and on it the Panel built a new world. A world without freedom, a world of no privacy, a world without happiness, a world where you are not allowed to talk to anybody for more than five minutes. A world where you are not allowed to marry or love.

"Today I discovered the secret path. It is getting difficult to stay out of sight for long as they are mounting more cameras in the mines. If I can find what they seek before they do, then there just might be a chance for humanity."

Diary: 17th April 3333

"Heave! ho! Heave! ho!"

All halt!

Today, there would be no lifting, all hands are needed deep in the mines. No coffee break, no excuse to ease yourself, no night rest if it comes to that. We must reach 5000ft today.

In the center of every division was a device that should never exist, it was called the Devil's echo. From the moment you are born, a chip is inserted in your wrist. This chip was linked to this device, the sole purpose of devil's echo was to inflict pain. Basically, If you are ordered to go left and you go right, the devil's echo inflicts severe pain to every part of your body.

"Something Is not right, they seem to be in a hurry. Today was a waste, I couldn't get a chance to sneak out. At this rate, they might discover the secret path soon. I need a new plan."

Diary : 18th April 3333

It happened that several panels would be visiting our division soon, I could tell because they were decorations on the streets. Perhaps they wanted something to present to The Panel hence the increased work rate at the mines. I was running out of time, I had to risk it all. Without taking permission, I left my work post, first walked in circles, when the camera rotated, I headed for the secret path.

"Huge success today, I have discovered the device. I need 1000 Watts of energy to get it started. It's becoming difficult to keep my thoughts hidden. All day I hum the tunes of Take me away This way it keeps my mind from thinking of my plans. I can only make plans when the airpods are out of my ears."

Diary: 19th April 3333

I could here the sirens blare, long tailed escorts paraded the streets. The panel must be here. Back at the mines, we were few inches to discovering the secret path. It's now or never. I had the charge I needed, easy to get charges with the amount of machines lying around. Once again I left my work post and walked through the secret path. There it lay, the device that could deactivate the devil's echo if taken close enough. I charged it up, then the countdown started. I had 45 minutes to get the device close enough to Devil's echo, or this would all be for nothing.

"Stop right there! Why are you not at your post?" Came the voice of a patroller as I made my way back to my post.

"I'm Sorry, I had to ease my self so bad."

Then came the devil's echo. I could feel my body shrinking, I fell to the ground screaming. The Echo made my head bang, my heart felt like it would stop, I struggled for air at the same time holding my head tight like I was stopping it from exploding. With my eyes closing slowly, I faintly heard the patroller say;

"Arrest him!"

The next time I opened my eyes, I was in chains in a white room with blinding lights. Then came a loud stomp on the table in front of me.

"What were you doing away from your post?"

"I already answered this, I had to ease myself. The Patroller seemed busy, I didn't want to disturb him."

"Funny enough, your files states that you are always humming to a particular song. What are you trying to hide civilian!"

"Nothing, I just really like that song."

"This is not going to end well for you. Comply now and your punishment will be less."

I could here the device ticking next to my heart which is where it was safely hidden. I had no idea how much time I had left.

"Sir please what says the time?"

"You don't get to ask questions!"

"Fine, I'll tell you everything. You are right I'm plotting something, but I'm not alone. I'll give you the names of all involved. Before I tell you everything, I beg you to let me set my eyes on the Panel, I know they will be making a speech at the city square. What I'm about to tell you will cost my life. Always wanted to see what the Panel looked like before I exit this world."

"It's wise of you to accept your fate."

I was transported to a tower, where I could see the Panel giving their useless speech. Not far from the square was the Devil's echo. I was in a good range. I could here the device ticking louder, my heart was beating louder as well. Any moment now.

The piercing sound of victory came, as the device gave out a loud wailing sound. With it came a creaking sound from the Devil's echo, it's fuses blew up and large fumes oozed out of it. With the devils echo gone, this might be the beginning of something good.

Obviously, I wouldn't be alive to witness this. But I strongly believed that a movement would be started. There are still several Devil's echo in other divisions. Hopefully the civilians would take over this division, hopefully someone would find my diary. In it are notes on how to recreate the device that can destroy the devils echo. Today history was made. Today, we took the first big step in bringing back happiness to the world.



An interesting sci-fi story that clearly portrays the eternal struggle between good and evil.
Thanks so much for writing it for @theinkwell, @doziekash.
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Amazing. The mind reader seemed to have overlooked many important things. The man was able even to write a diary with intructions on how to recreate an evil device against the Evil Echo. A massive rebellion seems still difficult to come since people need training on how to fool the mind reader to get close to other Evil Echoes. (You may want to change some "here" by "hear"). Greetings from Venezuela.

Entertaining reading. Congratulations.

Thanks A lot! Thanks for reading.
I'll lookout for the errors.

Congratulations, @doziekash!

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I liked the idea of the Devil's echo, I kept reading because I wanted to know more about it and at the end I wanted the protagonist to finish the job but he did his best I guess.
Great job on creating a dystopian atmosphere in the story 👌