Through The Clouds Just For You

in The Ink Well2 years ago

"Can you tell me your name and stop wasting precious time."

How could I explain to this angry looking man that I am on a vow of silence. I tried communicating with him with signs, but it only got him more angry.

"I wasn't told there was a dumb person on the list. Kid you better quit messing around and speak up."

I had to take a critical decision here, if I choose to stick to my vows, I'll be missing a once in a lifetime shot to get on the school team. Break my vow of silence and I'll lose my honor, my respect, my reputation, and of course I'll lose the bet I made with my friends to keep up with it through out the year, it's been barely two weeks.

"OK! I'm done with this. Leave the line, next on the line please." The angry man said.

"Coach, take it easy on him. I think he is on some sort of vow of silence." A lady said.

I looked up to see who came to my rescue and that was the first time I set my eyes on a rare beauty. That was my savior right there, the love of my life, the apple of my eye, the sugar in my coffee. OK, actually she was just my crush. She is way older than me. I have always admired our gym teacher Miss Olivia. I'd often boast to my friends that once I graduate and become rich, I'd come for her hand in marriage.

"Yeah, be ready to marry her husband and three children as well. You expect her to remain single waiting for your ass to graduate."

That was the silly reply I usually get from my friends. Ever since she helped me get on the school lacrosse team, I adored her. I'd take extra gym classes just to have more time to watch her. I could count each drop of sweat that fell off her body as she worked out, because in my head, she was moving in slow motion.

My obsession for Miss Olivia made me form a routine of stalking her on her way home. She would rather walk all the miles to her house, than take a bus, as a form of exercise. It was crazy and stupid, but at the same time it was cool watching her walk gracefully. Having to hide every time she turned back made me feel like I was on an adventure.

One day as I stalked her, two men walked up to her from nowhere. I was about to charge and run to my lover's rescue, then I realized I was just a kid. She was talking with them, in that case she must know them, that made me a bit relaxed. I was too far out to hear what they were saying, but they seemed to be arguing about something. Probably annoying siblings. The tension was rising, something was not right. I couldn't see clearly what they did to her, but she passed out and one of the men jacked her on his shoulders and started moving. I followed them immediately, strangely the streets were extremely lonely on that day. They carried her to her house and took her inside. I knew I should go and call for help, but then by the time I return, it might be too late. I followed them into the house, as quiet as I could. At first I thought they were kidnappers, but why would they bring her back to her house.

The interior of her house was nothing like the exterior. From the outside, it looked like a regular bungalow. But on the inside, it was much larger with so many rooms and a secret door that led to a basement which was where the men carried her into. Just then a plan came to my mind, I quietly locked them in the basement and ran out to call for help.

"Billy! Jean!! You guys have to come with me. I think miss Olivia is in trouble."

Both of them started laughing loud.

"Jean, I told you he could never keep up with the vow of silence."

"Yeah right, he didn't even survive a month."

"Guys this is serious, it's a life and death situation."

"Let me guess, miss Olivia found out that you have been stalking her, now she is coming for your head."

"Besides do we look like the cops. What are we supposed to do in a life and death situation."

I realized I was wasting my time with those two, so I headed for the police station. I could still hear the echoes of their laughter as I ran.

"Right this way sir, I locked them in the basement."

I led the police officer to the basement, unlocked the doors, only to walk down the stairs and realize that the basement was completely empty.

"Kid is this some kind of joke?"

"No sir, they were right here. Two men and miss Olivia who was unconscious."

"I knew it was stupid to believe your silly story." The officer said as he walked out of the basement.

I stood there dumbfounded and confused. I searched every corner of the basement hoping to find an explanation for what happened. I discovered another hidden door. With the number of doors in the house, I wouldn't be surprised if there was another basement under the basement. I tried to open the door, but it wouldn't bulge. I moved back a little, then ran forward slamming the door with my whole body weight. The door opened and I fell into the room with force. When I got back on my feet, . I realized that I was sailing through the clouds.


Was I dreaming? I was pretty sure I was in miss Olivia's house few seconds ago. Or perhaps I died and now I'm going to heaven. I sailed for a while and was brought to a halt in front of a silver gate. The gate opened and I saw miss Olivia's abductors standing at a corner with big grins on their faces. Not far from them was miss Olivia seated quietly looking healthy and happy.

"I told you that boy was up to something funny." One of the men said.

"Well what do you know, sis spends few days down there and she already has a lover who would sail through the clouds for her."

Once again I was confused and dumbfounded. Miss Olivia signaled me to come over. I sat next to her, and she put her hands over my neck. She explained to me that the men were actually her brothers, she called them to help her ascend because she was feeling weak. That's what happens when they stay under the earth's sun for too long. She told me a whole lot of things that I might never get to fully understand. She also told me that we were practically age mates because they grew much faster in the physical aspect, but on the inside she was just a kid like me. This made me happy because we could actually be lovers without feeling weird, in front of others we would simply be a teacher and her favorite student. From time to time, she would fly me to the clouds and we would sit by the moon for hours.




very cool story. it's like a fantasy story

Nicely written dear friend.
you write quite well.

At first I was like, have you lost your mind, who in the world takes an oath of silence for one year. Beautiful story.

I'm curious is Miss Olivia some kind of Alien?

What a nice story, @doziekash! You transited very well from an everyday reality to a fantastic reality. Your story is really very fresh and imaginative.

You take us into a fantasy world where it is possible for love to be realized between these two beings who belong to different worlds. Thank you for writing this story for The Ink Well, @doziekash.
Thanks for keeping up the interactions with your fellow community members.

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