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This is going to be my year, I'm going to win that contest for my family. twelve year old Jesse Jones said with affirmation as he looked at himself via a mirror.


Every year the mayor of Newville organized a contest for the families who couldn't afford to go anywhere during the Christmas holiday and the winner of the contest gets an all expense paid trip to any holiday destination of their choice with the members of the person's family.

The Jones family had not always been lucky because every year they always finished the contest in second place, the Ronald family always came first each year but Jesse was determined to change that streak.

The Jones family were made up of Five members which included Jesse's dad, mum and two younger sisters unlike the Ronald family who had four boys and one girl.

One of the rules of the contest was that each family was to be represented by one member aged twelve and above and up until that year Jesse's dad and mom to represent them in each contest but now that Jesse was up to the age requirement he took over that mantle.

At first his dad refused to allow him participate in the contest because he felt that he was way too young compared to other contestants who were grown-ups but Jesse tried to convince him

Son i know that you want to win this contest but I'm afriad it's impossible because i and your mom have tried every year but we couldn't do it, so please just forget about it because i and your mom will represent our family this year. Jesse's dad said with finality

Dad please i know but i know that i can win that contest and don't forget that you and mom are old now so you don't need to stress yourselves again.

The entire family burst into laughter and his dad quickly countered him

Boy who said anything about us being old, anyways i still don't want you participating in the contest. his dad said

At this point his mom who had been silent intervened

John let the boy participate as you can see he really believes he can win this contest and who knows luck might be on our side this year. She said softly

That seemed to do the trick because Jesse's dad had to agree with his wife

alright i surrender but if the contest seems to be fierce i won't hesitate to pull you out is that clear?

Yes yes yes thank you mom and dad i promise not to let you down.


Jesse prepared for the contest as if his life depended on it, the contest had two parts which included the intellectual and physical parts so he trained physically and mentally for the contest.

The Ronald boys saw him training one day and laughed at him because he looked so timid but Jesse saw their laughter as motivation to carry on with his quest.

The day for the contest finally arrived and of course many families had adult representatives including the Ronald family who were represented by thier grown up first son and in the midst of all these grown ups was young Jesse who had fire and determination in his eye.

Before the contest kicked off the mayor spotted the young lad and the way he looked determined, he was impressed with the boy.

Finally the contest kicked off with the 100 meter dash which Jesse came last but he did not give up, the next one was the tug of war which involved two teams and Jesse's team won then came the question and answer session which was mostly current affairs and Jesse came first in this one because he prepared nightly for it, the sack race was next but this time Jesse came last.

At the end of the contest, ten different events were carried out and the winners of each event were compiled, so at the end of the day the Ronald boy came first in all competitions compiled together, Jesse came last which devasted him, he ran away crying but was closely followed by his dad who caught up with him and then hugged him tightly saying

Son at the end of the day it was the effort that really mattered to me, you are such a brave young man and i am sure that one day you would be successful in the contest, I'm proud of you son. he said and hugged him even tighter

Jesse clung to his dad and cried more, when he was done crying his dad held his hand and together they went back to the venue of the contest.

The mayor was about giving the Ronald family their tickets to any holiday destination when Jesse and his dad came back, the mayor smiled and said

Well folks this year's contest has proved to be the fiercest, all the families brought on their A game but at the end of the day there can only be one winner so congratulations to the Ronald family for winning this year's contest but there is a young lad that caught my attention. the mayor said beckoning on Jesse and his dad to come up to the stage

They came up as instructed and the mayor started again

This boy here showed bravery today even though he was up against adults he never gave up but sadly his efforts were not enough to secure the win for his family but for that sheer bravery and determination i am hereby awarding him with a scholarship from now till he graduates from college and from now on his family get an all expense paid trip to any holiday destination of their choice every year. the mayor declared to the astonishment of people around

Jesse could not believe his ears, he looked at his dad who looked dumbfounded, his mom and sisters ran to the stage and thanked the mayor, when Jesse and his dad recorvered from the shock they joined and thanked the mayor, the people present clapped their hands in happiness because they felt that it was deserved and the Ronald family who still got their tickets joined in the clapping too.


The Jones family were sunbathing themselves in the beautiful island of hawaii later that year all thanks to the bravery and determination of young Jesse.


Your story is very good. I like the story you wrote. Jesse and his family deserve a scholarship and vacation

Yes he definitely deserved the scholarship

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Nice write up,I love the way dad embrace him, Jesse wil not forget that despite coming last. It's good to always do your best in anything, someone might be watching you

Exactly the point of the story

Lovely ending to the story, @emeka002. I enjoyed reading about Jesse's determination.

Thank you sir

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It's a great story when everyone is happy at the end. Jesse showed himself to have character, the kind of character that will serve him well the rest of his life.

Thank you for sharing the story with the Ink Well community.

Thank you for reading

@emeka002 Weldon job. I like the write up.

Thank you

Absolutely beautiful. Effort and determination coupled with vision always pays off. I love this story. I really do.💕

I'm glad you loved it 😊