The Last Number

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I was once eighteen. And if dreams were real, I would’ve been a millionaire. Yes, it was true. I would’ve been affluent owning a business, living in my own house, and driving my own car.

Never had I imagined that I would gamble just because of a dream.
In my dream, a friend invited me to the lotto grand draw at the plaza, and she handed me a ticket. She told me to choose six numbers and wait for the balls to be drawn.

“Five! Fifty-five! Seven! Twelve! Three!”

My hands shook as my eyes locked on the piece of paper I was holding. My jaw dropped because all five numbers I had marked were called by the guy who was assigned to pull the balls from the tambiolo. I was waiting for the last digit to be called prior to being hailed as the new millionaire.

Every attendee in the area held their breath as the guy took the last ball.

“And the last number to complete the six- fifty-five raffle is—”


My eyes widened when my phone’s alarm blew off!

I was frustrated that it rang at the most important time!


At nine o’clock that day, Mang Pablo dropped by our house and asked if we want to buy a lotto ticket. I was stunned!

‘What a coincidence?! Destiny might’ve been toying with me,’ I told myself.

Although I was sarcastic deep inside, the curious part of me wanted to experience how it felt to play the lotto.

I had never gambled before, but out of curiosity, I bought a ticket and marked the five numbers that I remembered from my dream. Yep! It was true, I remembered the numbers to this day. And since I had awoken when the last number was called in my dream, I only guessed the sixth number to mark in my real-life ticket.

And guess what?! I won! But not the grand prize. I only won some amount because four numbers from my set were drawn. It wasn’t that much, but it was enough for us to buy some groceries.

I wonder what could’ve happened if the other two digits I marked were also drawn. What would’ve happened if I were hailed as the new millionaire?

If I had won the grand prize, I would’ve purchased a piece of land in our province and built a house where my family and I could live. I would share some of my winnings with my parents and siblings to pamper them and let them experience a burdenless life because they deserved to feel and be treated special. I would send my siblings to university, and take the course I was interested in—psychology or journalism.

I would travel to the places here in the Philippines and abroad with my family, as well. I might’ve put up a business, too, and would’ve provided jobs for my relatives in need. I would also donate some amount to my alma mater for the school expansion and renovate some classrooms for them to be more conducive.

If I had won, I would’ve bought some property where I could build townhouses for the street children and vagabonds on the street, especially the old ones. I could’ve given them shelter, so they would no longer be drenched when it rained, and wouldn’t suffer from the scorching heat of the sun.

In that same area, I would’ve constructed a factory where those who were still capable people could work, so they could provide for themselves. I would give scholarship grants to those street children using the money I won so they could go back to school and be given a bright future.

Those things I would’ve done if had won the grand prize in the lottery.


This Creative Nonfiction call has highlighted the great generosity of many of our writers, @idlemind. Your kindness is intelligent and infinite. Thank you so much for writing this beautiful piece and for your attention to other writers.

Thank you for your appreciation. I have enjoyed reading other writers' pieces, and it's worth the time.

Your wishes are very selfless 💛 it is always a good idea to invest, not only in ideas and products, but the people who matter and support you! I wish you luck with your endeavors

I wish you the same as well. Thank you for reading :)