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It was the usual thing for teenagers of lorrendale in the summer, you could always spot them skating, drifting around in their parents cars, riding around in bicycles or smoking weed in the woods, doing all sorts of youthful stuff around the jackson memorial park.
One very day, towards the summers end, Riley and his best friend went for their last summer cruise in his mums car, they drive for some time, visited the park and took turns drifting around, then it got boring and they stopped, they drove into the woods to go do something different, anything at all. yes, "the c a v e!" Jason recommended, a cave they'd always hid in back in high school, like their own hide out against bullies, sometimes from chores,sometimes from the world.

"a blunt or two will do the trick" he said and they headed for the cave, a very old hidden cave that's been in the woods for generations. as they both got to the entrance they proceeded to carve their names on the cave surface before carrying out the ceremony of the blunt.
Two hours later Riley and Jason wake up from a black out, they found themselves laying on the floor,"this couldn't have been from the... ", they were confused, it was just a regular kush that Jason had bought on his way to rileys house so there was no way it could have blacked them out in any way. they're eyes getting clearer and they start to realize that they were deeper inside the cave, but who? who could've? how on earth are they not where they were just now? they were in a state of confusion, something mysterious was going on with the cave.

Note: Riley and jasons perspective of time didn't change after the mysterious black out, because to both their brains the whole occurrence was processed like a blink of an eye , one minute they were puffing smoke the next thing they know, they find themselves on the floor deeper inside the cave.

"do you hear that?" riley said to jason trying to confirm the compelling notes in the distance, Jason's hears it too "it sounds so beautiful" they said together as they surprisingly ignored the whole experience walked toward the melodic sound "wait up Riley, I forgot my blunt!!" Jason went back to the wake up scene for what was rightfully his then continued to the calling song in the distance.
As they arrived, they saw both saw what looked like a "MERMAID!!" they uniformly exclaimed in adoration as they stepped closer to observe, she was really beautiful, her skin glowed from a distance, her voice sounded like that of an angel's, her top body area was normal, like a human while her waist down had the tail of a fish.

they both kept starring, lost and unable to comprehend what they were witnessing, then gradually the song she was singing started sounding familiar to riley who began having flashbacks, images in his head that had her face in it.


like he knew her from somewhere but at the same time had never met her in his entire life "who are you?!" he called out,"shut up before you get us killed" jason dragged him into the corner to hide, they both took a peek and saw her looking around for the person shed heard, cautiously, she then took a dive into the pond and then it started to glow "i've got to know who she is" riley muttered to himself, determined and taking off after the mermaid,he then dived after her, inside the pond only to find himself resurfacing in another pond, he was in a whole other world.


jason had gone after his friend but the water had lost its glow after riley went in so he was still there, just soaked in a pond "riley!!,what the hell is this cave doing to us…, riley!!...where did you go man!!", he managed to find his way outside the cave after some time and waited in the front for about 2 hours before attempting to go back and check on his friend,then it had become night,a full moon too.


on his way he notices a glow from inside the cave like the one he'd seen earlier, runs towards it and sees riley making his way out but there is a total shock between the two for some minutes, something really weird had occured, riley was grown up,he was at least 38 years old,dressed like a warrior of some sorts while jason still looked the same, like a teenager. they silently walked outside and what they saw in the woods broke the silence for them, "what the!!..." they exclaimed together once more.

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