Wheels of fate

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Though dusk hastily enveloped the day, I could see clearly written on my dad's face much exhaustion. He worked from dawn to dusk as a security guard for one of the town's biggest oil companies. He had requested a permanent morning shift so he could spend time with me whenever we both met after the day's work. Being a young girl in my early twenties, my dad never ceased to shower unquantifiable love upon me.

"Dad, get some rest. I'll finish up the dishes." I walked towards him, pulling the dirty plates from him, and gently pushed him aside. Though he looked reluctant, I guess he was glad I was helpful. He left me in the kitchen and went into his room. After a while, I heard him hum his favorite song, 'all of me' by John Legend, as he took his bath. I could only imagine how much he loved and missed my mother, his wife, who died during childbirth. My dad, Mr. Patrick, has remained unmarried since then, nor has he considered having other children. I was the most precious gift life gave him, and he never hesitated to lavish me with gifts and lots of love. I cleared the dishes and made dinner, after which dad and I sat down to recount how the day went. It never gets boring to listen to each other as we were each other's gist partner.

"Are you ready for college? It's a different ballgame there; daddy won't be there always to defend you, you know?" He said it jokingly. A brief chill coursed through my spine, descending with high intensity. Though he laughed about it, it caused me to quiver. Perhaps he noticed the gloom hurriedly written over my face, and his smile dwindled to one of concern. "I'm sure you'll be fine, my big baby," he continued, trying to cheer me up.

"I'm more worried about you, dad. You'll be all alone in this house! I retorted. He was silent for a while.

"Sooner or later, you'll have to leave me, and I've braced myself for such a day. Come on, I'm not yet 50, and I am very agile." He said this and stood up to show his biceps, which barely revealed any tensed muscles due to the shirt he wore. We both burst into humorous laughter, knowing fully well he was passing a message undertone.

"Alright, dear, Daddy's going to dream land; be sure to have a good night's rest." My dad said this as he withdrew into his room. I thought for a while about what he said, but I knew he was right. There was a journey ahead, and I wouldn't have my superhero around every time.

Two weeks later, I resumed at Anthony's College, a private university situated 2 hours from where I lived. College was indeed a different atmosphere; students buzzed around like bees, everyone minding their businesses. It was the first time attending a lecture where the hall could not contain the students, and some had to sit on the window space or stand for the period we had the lectures. The seat I got was at the far back, and I could barely hear what the lecturer said as the noise collided with what I needed to hear. The following week, I made sure I sat in the front so as to minimize every possible distraction.

I fell in love with the lecturer upon hearing her diction and enjoyed how well she broke down the topic. She kept an ever-smiling face and did not mind the rudeness that emanated from students unwilling to concentrate.

"If you have any questions, feel free to approach me. Have a good day, students." Miss Kemi, the lecturer with whom I fell in love, said that and walked out of the class. I packed my books and belongings and briskly walked towards her. I was a fresher and had no friends; what I needed most was direction, and Miss Kemi seemed to be that person I could have as a mentor.

"Excuse me, ma? Can I ask you a few questions?" I said to her, catching up with her pace, even though she did not wait.

"Please go ahead; I'm in a hurry. Or you could meet me at the office tomorrow?"

"Yes, please. I'll appreciate that. Thank you, Miss Kemi."

"Alright then, tomorrow it is!" She said that and walked faster to wherever she needed to be.

Miss Kemi looked to be in her late thirties; her dressing was smart, and her expression was charming. She smiled often, and her chocolate skin color glittered with the sun's rays beating on her. I made some inquiries and discovered Miss Kemi had been widowed for three years and had insisted on teaching as an escape from troubling thoughts. My mind melted when I heard what she had gone through—losing her spouse on her wedding day and having lived a quiet life. News does spread in college, and someone would know something about somebody. My heart was drawn to Miss Kemi constantly, and the following day after we met, I was glad I got myself a mentor, even though it was college.

Miss Kemi truly was a lovable and cheerful lady. She made me comfortable to talk with, and I began to spend my break periods often in her office.

"Dad, Miss Kemi is such a wonderful soul," I said to my dad over the phone during one of our conversations.

"I'm sure she is; I know you have a great taste in whom to let into your life."

"You should meet her someday."

"Of course, at least she's taking care of my angel." He replied with a chuckle. We both laughed and caught up on many gists before rounding up that conversation.

A month into college, I was already missing my dad and wanted to spare a weekend to check on him. His call, however, came in on the day before my planned visit to the house.

"Where in school are you, Damilola? Your school looks overcrowded with students."

"Wait, dad, are you around?" I asked excitedly.

"Seems so. I'm trying to find my way around from your college library."

"Oh, dad, you're the best. I'm also close to the college library. Just stay where you are; I'll come get you in a jiffy." I said as I eagerly stepped out of Miss Kemi's office. She left the office for me while she went to deliver a lecture to another set of students. Sighting my dad melted my heart; it had been the longest period we had been apart. I stayed in his bear hug for what felt like eternity, only to disengage and begin to tell him about many things about college. He nodded often as though he understood, and many times he smiled to encourage me to keep talking. I ushered him to Miss Kemi's office and offered him a drink. We had barely talked for 10 minutes when Miss Kemi walked into the office.

"Hello, who do we have here?" Mis Kemi said in her jovial manner, her smile broad enough to envelope us all.

"You must be Miss Kemi, my daughter's mentor; I'm Damilola's dad; it's a pleasure to meet you, ma'am." Both shook hands, and for what seemed like a momentary pause, I caught the chemistry that occurred between both.

"The pleasure is all mine; has she offered you anything to drink yet? She said this, disengaging her handshake and resuming her seat. The conversation continued, bringing the atmosphere to one of laughter and talk. I purposely took an excuse so as to allow both to bond well; it was not my intention, but I was not willing to interfere with the wheels of fate.


After my dad's initial visit, I witnessed more of his visits to college with the excuse of coming to see me, but he most often spent the quality part of his visits with Miss Kemi. It was little wonder when Miss Kemi began asking me deep things about my dad and how he lived through the years. Though the memory was one I did not like remembering, the youthful me knew something serious was brewing between them, and I would do anything to make the two people in my life be together.

During the long break of freshman year, the date was fixed, and I had Miss Kemi as my stepmother. I could not be any happier during the wedding preparations as I began to foresee the beauty of having two parents under one roof. My dad was settled, and I looked forward to what or whom the wheels of fate would bring my way as well.


@jjmusa2004 Parents who have been good parents deserve to be happy... beautiful story

Thank you very much

I was surprised with the twist the story took, but I liked it. Sometimes people are meant to be together and we are simply connectors that bring them together in this universe called life. Regards

That's the best your dad has done. You are even more fun to have accepted Miss kemi as your stepmom. It's a nice idea to have supported your dad's quest. Miss kemi on the other hand is a nice lady.

Thank you very much, we must look out for our loved ones

Really interesting character development. You bring the story to life by embellishing the small details in a rich visual tapestry for the reader to feast on. Additionally, you’ve given us a satisfying, unexpected outcome that makes the story memorable.

Thank you very much, I'm honoured