Crucify him

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-Crucify him, crucify him

It was the cry of the people at that time in the city of Jerusalem..

I was passing through, I had an important appointment in Sidon, my hometown, with some merchants.

I continued on my way, and when I heard the name of Barabbas I assumed that they were asking for death for him, since he was a well-known assassin in the area.

While I was in Caesarea, from where I would go by sea to my destination, I learned that the condemned man was a man named Jesus, who for his disciples was the son of God but for the Jews a false prophet.

I don't know what the reason was that the story impacted me, there was so much romanticism in it that I promised myself, after doing my work, to investigate more about this man.

I did not return by the same route but went straight to Capernaum, where the man lived.

I found myself in a general commotion since everyone was saying that Jesus had risen as he had promised.

I got goose bumps when I heard the stories told with passion by the local fishermen who had spent long months working and listening to his word.

I am not a Jew, I am the son of Greeks, so I was not familiar with the culture of the area or with the prophecies or scriptures of the Greeks, although my Aramaic was excellent since I had received classes in it, as well as in Latin.

I travelled through several villages in the area, going to Tiberias, Nazareth, Naim, Sychar, Bethsaida, Ephraim, Jericho, Bethphage, Bethany, Ramah, Emmaus, Jerusalem and others that I did not write down their names and that I do not remember because of my geographical ignorance or how small they were.

In all of them the mark of the preacher was present and latent, the people who had enjoyed being favored by some miracle were hiding, afraid of the reprisal of the priests and many left the area.

In Jerusalem I was able to talk to many people who gave me invaluable information, among them Joseph of Arimathea, who owns the tomb where Jesus was buried, and I had to wait a while to be able to contact the master's closest disciples.

Their lives were impacted, for a stranger like me, it was difficult to imagine that everything expressed was a product of imagination or fanaticism, there were experiences that could be felt through their words and I believed them and even felt attracted by that hope of eternal life.

-Jesus did not represent the leader who would free them from the oppression of the Romans, nor the Messiah who would come to exterminate the enemies of Israel, expected by the Pharisees, the Zealots and others, but who with the powerful weapon of love would put in safety what connects them to the divinity, what makes them eternal, what allows them to be immortal through their works.

The legacy he left them was simple, easy to transmit, although hard and brave in these times, but the faith that surpasses any understanding has managed to keep them faithful to the designs of a man who spent his entire life in anonymity and who in only three years convulsed a part of the territory of the Romans.

-Crucify him, crucify him- -the screams are still in my ears.

I took my notes, I embraced many whose hope went beyond the earthly paths, I returned home and my way of seeing everything changed, I discovered that the important things in life have love as a central point.

I would have liked to have met the man who was able to make me understand that, although I am convinced that my notes will serve at some point for others to discover it as well.


You place us in a moment of time that echoes through history. A chance encounter changes the life of an individual. The effect of that encounter is passed on to future generations through written notes.

Thank you for sharing this story in the Ink Well community, and thank you for engaging with other writers.