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The woman in a state of gravity feels a hand caressing her arm, which is furrowed by serums, while a mask provides the oxygen needed to live.

A sensation of cold runs through your body.

She opens her eyes and sees an affable and smiling female face that looks at her with tenderness.

She closes her eyelids for a moment and when she reopens them the woman is leaving the room and disappears into the corridor.

She supposes that she is a nurse because of her white suit, although different from the others, so she presumes that she has some kind of position superior to these.

He doesn't know how long he's been unconscious, or what he's been doing there.

The last thing she remembers is that she was in the Plaza Baralt, accompanied by her neighbor, doing some shopping and she felt a sudden dizziness, attributed to the heat.

Now everything is still going round and he does not recognize which hospital belongs to the bed where he is bedridden.

Maybe he's in the Chiquinquirá.

He ventures to think, taking into account that this one is near the place where it was.

For her part, near the room, nervously walking down the aisle, Maria, the daughter of Glenda, the lady who has just awakened from her coma, looks at her wristwatch..

It's midnight.

She sees a nurse leaving her mother's room and walks quickly to try to board her but as if by magic she disappears when she crosses one of the corridors.

He feels a chill all over his body and associates it at first with something tragic, so he thinks that his mother has died.

She fearfully enters the room where she is and listens to the sound of her heartbeat on the heart rate monitor and her half-open eyes warn her that she has regained consciousness.

He runs to the nurses' room to let them know this and one of them goes to the place and notifies the doctor on duty of the event.

A few days later, when mother and daughter can talk, thanks to her recovery, she tells her about the episode of the nurse who accompanied her when she woke up and both of them realize with some fear that they have seen what they call the ghost nurse of Central.

This story reflects one of the many ghost legends of the city of Maracaibo.

Dr. Urquinaona Central Hospital is located on "El Milagro" Avenue in the central part of the city. It was named this way in 1944 since its beginnings was named "Santa Ana" in honor of the hermitage of the same name that was adjacent to this building that was inaugurated on July 26, 1608.

In 1866 it was called Casa de Beneficencia and was attended by religious sisters of the Order of Saint Anne, so many presume that the soul in pain of one of them is the one who wanders through the corridors, rooms and internal rooms of the place, usually at midnight, time at which many patients claim to have seen it, be visited or feel its presence.

In most accounts the apparition is dressed in a nurse's costume that was worn at the time when this place was part of the Hermitage of Santa Ana.

Some say they've seen blood on her pantyhose.

Some taxi drivers also claim to have seen her leave the place.

According to some story collectors, this legend is modern, dating back to the 1980s.

In the 21st century it's still normal to get someone who claims to have seen the ghost of this nurse, so it's still popular.


Disorientation is normal for the abnormal experience of being in a hospital. The presence of a 'ghost nurse' almost validates the sense of alienation and separation from reality many patients experience.

Thank you for posting this story in the Ink Well community and thank you for engaging with other writers in the community.

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